• Inspection System
  • Oberflächeninspektion
  • 下一代金属表面检测

Next generation metals surface inspection


Fast, reliable, and extremely efficient: production and product optimization with SURFACE MASTER

SURFACE MASTER is the best tool to perform continuous process and production optimization along the complete production chain in metals production. The advanced multi-stage classification technology as one of the core modules of SURFACE MASTER provides excellence in defect recognition which goes beyond inspection. SURFACE MASTER integrates seamlessly into any process environment, providing perfect inspection and yield monitoring at all stages of production, inevitably leading to unbeatable product quality.


  • for defect-free, flawless metal surfaces, improved quality inspection performance > 95%
  • for reliable and fast defect classification, advanced, high-end
    multi-stage classifier
  • for reliable production, highest system availability … 24/7 … up to 99.8%
  • for complete quality information at one view, new online reports and visualization
  • for highest user acceptance, trusted and reliable quality audit capabilities and features
  • for best efficiency: down to ONE month pay back period, simpler lower cost integration and faster implementation

Save time and money, and avoid wasting time with other inspection solutions.





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