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The ISRA VISION Parsytec Inspection Tool Suite

The Inspection Software Tool Suite introduces a quantum leap in inspection software: including its ultimate defect image quality / appearance and its highly efficient classifier tuning / maintenance. This enables the significantly increased classification performance.

The key features of the release are a significantly improved inspection performance and a breakthrough in ease of use to implement and maintain this performance advantage. A new classifier user screen and the Live View are the most visible aspects. The performance boost is the result of combining digital cameras with advanced image merging algorithms and new classification technologies.


ISRA VISION Parsytec follows one core development philosophy: we want to gain competitive edge for our customers by providing them with leading-edge technology.

The Inspection Software Tool Suite contains the following:

  • Improved Edge Crack Detection
  • Enhanced and interactive Live View
  • Stereoscopic Width Measurement
  • UCS for Metals
  • Coil Break Detection
  • Automatic Illumination Position Control
  • Side Light Sensor Support
  • Synchronized DC Postprocessing
  • Line Scan Calibration Procedure
  • CBE Display of Segmentation Results
  • Faster Defect Image Storage
  • Support of New Components



Defect Image Quality and Appearance.

The Inspection Software assembles perfect defect images by image merging and by using the extended dynamic range based on the superior image quality captured from the sensor hardware. The Inspection Software Tool Suite is the first software to provide classification on entire defects as well as for partial defects. Software technology from satellite imaging is merging images in real-time into a single large-scale defect image suitable for immediate classification.

To exploit these capabilities, ISRA VISION Parsytec’s proven parallel staged classifier architecture has been extended by a multi-stage classifier technology. The resulting improvements in recognition accuracy are complemented by new tools to monitor classification performance to indicate optimal results over time. Utmost inspection performance and minimal maintenance effort can now be guaranteed over the entire live time of an installation.


Live View.

With ISRA VISION Parsytec Software, the Live View comes with an online view of the strip. Top and bottom side surfaces are shown moving. Zooming factors are selectable to see details or the entire strip width. Depending on the hardware configuration and application, the entire surface or smaller surface segments can be stored on a fingertip.


Classifier Build Environment CBE.

With ISRA VISION Parsytec Software, an entirely new designed Classifier Build Environment makes classifier tuning intuitive and easy to use.The CBE reduces the time for classifier tuning by a factor of 10 (number of images to look at is reduced by a factor of 100 or more).
The whole workflow from selecting images, sorting and reviewing images, building classifiers and checking their performance as well as the administration of classifiers is now covered by one tool. Of course, the images presented are also merged defect images. Additionally, it allows central classifier maintenance for several connected inspection systems (multi-line).



Web Access.

The Inspection Software Tool Suite expands the access to inspection results via the company’s intranet by standard web browsers. Additional inspection data will be available: Width Trend Report, multilanguage support, and support of CRDR.



The DataServer supports storing, managing and archiving data from several inspection systems on one DataServer. This allows user access to several surface inspection systems by entering only one central source. One central instance avoids further hardware costs. It makes administration easier. The new monitor “DataServer Cockpit” shows all DataServer components’ status.



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