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In-line Hot and Cold Optical Plate Inspection –
Real Process Improvement from the World Leader


Reduce Defects, Optimize Processing for Hot and Cold Plates:

Increasing demands in the quality and automation of plate processing require continuous and reliable inspection. Recent advances in the development of surface quality inspection open up new possibilities in process optimization and quality evaluation: in-line plate inspection.


Reduce variable manual inspection

Only fully monitored processes are capable of ensuring that the required surface quality is within customer tolerance ranges. This is now possible by in-line optical surface inspection, applicable for top and bottom side of cold or hot plates. The scanned surface is pre-analyzed and objective inspection results are presented at the so called ‘Live View’ terminal in the operators office.

The application:

  • In-line surface quality inspection for plate mills
  • Top and bottom side inspection of plates
  • For hot and cold plates


The advantages:

  • 100% inspection of each plate
  • Reliable inspection of all process and material surface defects
  • Optimization of additional processes like: trimming distance, defect related grinding
  • Reduction of unreliable manual inspection
  • Evaluated quality data for long term analysis
  • Process and production optimization



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The ISRA VISION Parsytec Steel Solution Map for...

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