• Event Capturing
  • Event Capturing
  • 事件抓取系统

Event Capturing – Root Cause Analysis for Immediate Action


Fully automated production monitoring along the complete process chain

Fast setup times, increased production speeds and high quality are key factors for profitable production. Solutions based on fully automated inspection systems can help optimize automated process runs, using a networked monitoring and documentation approach, at each of the individual processing steps. These already play a significant role in maximizing the bottom line.


The latest available option is the ability to optically record any machine event that leads to production defects, to automatically dispatch warnings to the production team, as well as to carry out automated analyses of the defect causes.


The Application:

  • Process and production optimization throughout all of the processing steps, such as slab, hot rolling, pickling, etc.
  • Improvement of maintenance tasks and material usage by using preventative actions
  • Automatic alarming in case of deviations from the required or standard conditions
  • Highly accurate, position synchronized video image acquisition and exact online information for root cause analysis


The Advantages:

  • Disaster analysis and prevention using automatic line monitoring and an integrated solution by coupling surface inspection and event capturing
  • Quick reactions to malfunctions due to early detection and analysis of its cause
  • Reduction of repair and maintenance due to advanced cleaning technology and the use of standard components





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