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PickleProcessTuning - Optimizing the Pickling Process

Utilizing data from the hot rolling process, especially the amount and location of scale and the coil temperature at reeling, the EXPERT5i PickleProcessTuning software module allows the speed of the pickling line to be optimized. Coils or coil sections with heavy scale can be pickled at a slower speed ensuring scale reduction, while coils or coil sections with light scale can be pickled at higher speeds.The end result is an increase in throughput of up to 5%, while improving the quality of pickled coils. Surface inspection data after pickling is integrated to validate the optimum speeds for pickling.


The Application:

  • Automatic calculation of suggested pickling speed
  • Validation of pickling speeds by incorporating inspection results at the pickling exit


The Advantages:

  • Optimized throughput of pickling process
  • Reducing under/overpickling
  • Display of defects of incoming coil
  • Assessment of hot rolled coil quality for pickling speed optimization
  • Synchronized visualization of hot rolled coil parameters


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