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Defect Catalog Extract


Alternative terms: Lap, Lamination, Shell, Blister

Appearance: Sliver is irregular overlapping material permeated with non-metallic inclusions.


Appearance: Seams are narrow longitudinal marks which run in production direction. They take the form of narrow bands or lines running in rolling direction.



Appearance: Cold strip scratches are grooves, striations, gouges or deep scratches. They run in rolling direction, vary in size, can be open or closed, and are free of metallic and scale inclusions.

Roll Stop

Alternative terms: Mill Stop, Line Stop

Appearance: Roll stops are dark and/or bright lines orthogonal on the whole strip width. They vary in rolling direction size and have often dark or bright shapes.



Appearance: Holes are discontinuities in the strip which extend right through from top to bottom surface.


Alternative term: Wrinkle

Appearance: Material is overlapping and jolt. It appears in large areas with dark and bright stripes with a certain width.



Appearance: Stains are residues on the strip surface. They are randomly distributed over the surface of the strip and appear in all thinkable forms and sizes.


Appearance: Slips are the result of mechanical damage to the surface and usually appear in clusters.



Appearance: Rubber occurs as dark stains. Typically rubber is longer than wide and the contrast is very high but also large area distribution is possible.


Appearance: Welds occur always at the end of the strip. Its appearance is a broken high contrast line in cross web direction or in case of hole welds many dark spots in a cross web corridor.



Alternative terms: Salt and Pepper, Scale Pitting

Appearance: Residual scale has not been completely removed by pickling and is rolled into the surface.

Roll Mark

Alternative terms: Imprint, Indentation, Protuberances

Appearance: Roll marks may be regularly or irregularly distributed over the strip (length and width). Normally they occur as indentations or protuberances.



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Customer Examples

  • Acerinox
  • Outokumpu
  • ThyssenKrupp Stahl

Stainless Applications

  • Hot Strip
  • Hot Annealing / Pickling
  • Cold Annealing / Pickling
  • Bright Annealing