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Defect Catalog Extract

Zinc Pot Fault

Alternative terms: Dross, Dross Pimple, Dross Striation, Dross Spot

Appearance: Particles and inclusions in coating: spots, stripes, area; elevation on surface; dark interruptions of the surface.

Titan Stripe

Alternative term: Dark Stripe

Appearance: Dark stripes in production orientation in all contrasts. From single event up to area appearance.



Alternative term: Grind

Appearance: May occur as a single stripe or a group of stripes over a large area. Bright or dark appearance.

Uncoated Spot

Alternative term: Bare Spots

Appearance: Dark interruptions of surface to surface at strip edges. Single spots or irregular shaped areas.


Zinc Splash

Appearance: Single spot, elevation on surface.


Alternative term: Massive rupture

Appearance: Discontinuities of material between top- and bottom-surface. Often surrounded by folds and/or laminations.



Alternative terms: Roke, Seam, Sliver, Lamination, Blister, Scab

Appearance: Irregular, flaky; sometimes overlapping material, which can contain non-metallic inclusions and have a bright and/or dark appearance.


Alternative terms: Drop, Bug, Insect

Appearance: Spots, stripes, areas. Dark interruptions of surface.


Slip Mark

Appearance: Mechanical damage, usually in clusters.

Bad Annealing

Alternative term: Not Alloyed

Appearance: Bright areas, mostly beginning at the coild edges, but also in the middle of the coil.


Blow-Off Structure

Appearance: Bright zigzag areas spread over the coil.

Line-Stop Fault

Appearance: Occurs on both sides of the strip. Streaky appearance, usually after line stops.



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