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Defect Catalog Extract


Appearance: May have occurence patterns ranging from single to intermittent.


Alternative term: Scab

Appearance: Irregular, flaky, overlapping material including non-metallic inclusions. Takes the form of areas of overlapping material in various shapes and sizes.



Appearance: Line-type defect which runs longitudinal to the rolling direction. It may be slightly over-rolled and can either contain scale or reveal bare metal.


Appearance: Pits are found near welding lines from the pickle line across the entire width of the coil. Pits consist of many small scratches and vary in appearance.



Alternative terms: Blister, Void, Pinhole

Appearance: Blowholes are material protuberances, which deform the surface and occur in various forms and sizes.


Appearance: Scales occur in two general types: (a) small single or multiple scales of varying density and (b) larger areas of scales appear in various forms.



Appearance: Dirt can take widely varying appearances on the coil. It can have a circular or oval shape, or it may have a long down-web extension.

Pinch Tree

Appearance: Pinch trees are very large defects which have a diagonal shape. They usually occur as multiple defects and can be found in the middle of the coil as well as at the edges.


Pickle Patch

Appearance: Pickle Patches are high contrast defects which usually occur at the beginning of the coil. They have a long down-web shape with a high degree of "texture".

Heat Buckle

Appearance: The defect can appear at any location of the strip and has mostly a severe expression. Its shape is similar to dense folds which extend in longitudinal or diagonal direction.


Roll Mark

Alternative terms: Imprint, Indentation

Appearance: Roll marks occur as indentations on the top and bottom of the strip, and may be regularly or irregularly distributed over the length and width of the strip.


Appearance: Dents are small indentations, often with no destruction of the surface. They usually have very shallow edges.



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