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Defect Catalog Extract


Alternative term: Massive rupture

Appearance: Discontinuities of material between top- and bottom-surface.


Alternative terms: Swarf, Chip, Splinter

Appearance: Single bright or dark pattern, sometimes with peeled-off material. Can occur in varying sizes and shapes.



Alternative terms: Roke, Seam, Sliver, Lamination, Blister, Scab

Appearance: Irregular, flaky; sometimes overlapping material, which can contain non-metallic inclusions and have a bright and/or dark appearance.


Alternative terms: Pinch, Pinch Mark

Appearance: Single markings of linear form. Material fold, not parallel to strip direction.


Edge Fault

Alternative terms: Edge Crack,
Edge Break

Appearance: Discontinuations of material from surface to surface at strip edges.

Mechanical Fault

Alternative term: Grind

Appearance: May occur as a single stripe or a ground of stripes over a large area. Bright or dark appearance.


Alternative term: Scale pit

Appearance: Dark, sometimes with
bright surroundings. Single spots or
streaky pattern.

Line-Stop Fault

Alternative term: Over-pickling

Appearance: Over-pickling: cloudy patterns over large areas. Pickle residue: large areas of dark and bright spots with high contrast to the surface.

Coil Break

Alternative term: Cross breaks

Appearance: Areas of small lines transverse to rolling direction. Often with low contrast to surface. White or black lines, if scale is present.



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