• Web Break Monitoring
  • Abrissanalyse
  • 断纸监控

More than just Web Break Monitoring –
Capturing of critical Events and Process Optimization


Intelligent Process Control - Reduce waste, increase throughput

  • Smart WBM cameras observe, record and analyze critical process relevant positions
  • Time and position synchronized recording and storage of exact positions of all video sequences
  • Immediate identification of a defect cause, even without causing a web break

Papermaker receive early warnings automatically and can take the necessary steps for immediate action. This helps to prevent breaks and to increase quality and productivity.

Smart Web Break Monitoring:

  • Embedded processor, integrated LED, ruggedized, cleaning
  • Operating at long distances, based on GigE
  • One, combined operating station for Web Inspection System (WIS) and Web Break Monitoring (WBM)

The advantages:

  • Crystal clear images
  • Reduces web break losses dramatically, typically 50%
  • All critical events at any place in the machine under control
  • Increase throughput, optimize process
  • Increased runtime of components (such as wire, felt) as a result of proactive maintenance
  • All-in-One system set-up of WIS and WBM
  • Knowing exatcly where to optimize
  • Just in a few seconds: visual video root cause where…when…what by automated sequence of interest pre-selection
  • Reduction of machine downtime
  • Increased product quality
  • Prevention instead of action
  • Root cause analysis for fast corrective action



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