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Defect Catalog Extract


Appearance: Diverse in shape, mostly circular. Four sizes: small, medium, large, extra large.

Hole Nest

Superior class: Hole

Appearance: A high concentration of holes on one spot. The sizes of the holes may vary.


Blade Pickup

Superior class: Hole

Appearance: Linear alignment of holes, increasing in size.

Water Hole

Superior class: Hole

Appearance: Hole in a water spot, tears open. Provides information on the state of the Tissue machine. Occurrence depends on the production site.


Edge Crack

Appearance: Crack, sometimes combined with a wrinkle mostly ending at the edge. Occurs in two sizes: small, rough edge and large, deep.

Sticky (or similar)

Appearance: Holes with dark parts. Sometimes also holes with turned down tissue scraps.



Appearance: Dark with good contrast and sharp edges, several layers of tissue, often running inwards from the paper edge.



Appearance: Oriented in machine direction, not always sharp edges, length depending. Often very narrow.


Bright Spot

Appearance: Bright area with soft edge, sometimes with periodic occurrence, often lengthwise.

Water Spot

Appearance: Subset of bright spots. Provides clear information on the state of the tissue machine.


Dark Spot

Appearance: Small dark spot with variable shape. Sometimes in bursts across the whole web; dark spot with variable shape and high contrast.


Appearance: Dark spots with high contrast; scraps of tissue on the web.




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