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Software Generated Process Diagnostics

Classification Designed by ISRA VISION Parsytec




More than 450 sites worldwide are already using ISRA VISION Parsytec Classification.
See how far paper makers go by help of inspection software Toolsuite Edition.


Detect, Classify, Act.

The WIS provides a precise defect analysis including corresponding measures in real-time on screen.

Software generated process diagnostics, enabling you to act fast and precise.


Detection provides the basis for classification, capturing the non-perfect areas of web. Initial information such as size and position is created. These simple characteristics allow to distinguish holes, dark and light spots and to some extent edge cracks and wrinkles.

But the captured images contain more information. Unleashing this to your benefit requires advanced software technology.


Distinguishing defects according to their appearance: You do that every day. This is classification.

You use your experience, you match the actual defect (image) with your experience.



The Benefits of inspection software Toolsuite Edition


  • Opening up bottle necks
    Production throughput can be optimized at critical process steps
  • Immediate defect handling
    See the critical defects' names and initiate pre-defined measures
  • Tracking defect causes
    Detailed defect description pinpoint their causes
  • Process optimization
    Guidance for continuous production improvements along the paper maker's value chain

Detection: 100%, but then comes the decisive step


Now state-of-the-art: The impact of effectively using more features for a given number of defect classes. The resulting classifier performance can even be extended by combining several methods. This performance reserve is key to serve the need of having significantly refined defect classes, e.g. moving from 10 to 30 or 40 distinct classes. Only this gives you the ability to act instantly and precisely on a reported defect: inspection software Toolsuite Edition.

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Others may call it classification, if they are able to tell if a defect is a "bright spot" or "large hole".

Does your WIS support true classification? Check the key criteria:

  • Defect catalogs with image online
  • InstantClassifier™
  • Calculates hundreds of defect features in real-time
  • Building classifiers uses online defect catalog images
  • Tools to build classifiers automatically


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