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Tissue – Highest Efficiency for Tissue Production and Converting

Production and special converting machine efficiency is a key performance metric for tissue production. Tissue makers that have higher converting efficiencies have lower costs and a competitive edge. Sheet breaks at converting result in costly downtime. By reducing sheet breaks, throughput is increased. Less converting machines are required to achieve production targets. This becomes more important as tissue makers shift production to premium 4 ply products.


These products can now be converted with much higher throughput and less cost with a new solution. It consists of four parts to significantly improve and benchmark a mill’s performance:


  • Defect handling system to increase converting efficiency by reducing sheet breaks
  • Web Inspection System (WIS) to reduce defects on the tissue machine
  • Event Capturing to improve tissue machine run-ability by for example reducing sheet breaks on the tissue machine
  • Expert 5i modules to benchmark and improve quality by grading of every finished roll of tissue


The Advantages:

  • On-machine process improvement - reduce defects on the tissue machine
  • Improve runability - Information to reduce defects and sheet breaks on the tissue machine – fewer machine downtimes
  • Improve converting efficiency - Reduced sheet breaks at converting
  • Improve quality - Objective quality data to develop, measure and validate process improvement




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