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Integration of espresso SI


The integration of a web inspection system touches many aspects:


  • the selection of the right locations for the Surface Sensor under the given environmental conditions,
  • the preparation of the mechanical and electrical integration,
  • the supply of speed and other (e.g. material) signals,
  • the supply of data telegrams for announcing reel and material data to the web inspection system, and,
  • optionally, the reception of telegrams with the surface quality information from the Parsytec system.


However, espresso SI helps you cutting a long story short by following the "plug & play" philosophy. A comprehensive integration configurator will reduce integration efforts to the minimum - enabled by a learn and IP54-proof sensor and a system cabinet, which require not more than being connected with only one GBit Ethernet cable.



Integration Examples: Paper Transmission



Integration Example: Paper Reflection



Integration Examples: Tissue




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