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Economic decisions made easy - The Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence architecture with its EXPERT 5i modules is the extended arm of the plant management, taking action down to the plant floor without getting caught up in the mass of operational details. The efficient EXPERT 5i modules quickly help find the right answers to many questions concerning yield and process optimization. By using the modules, the potential for increased productivity is reached – quality becomes plannable, processes and production are systematically optimized.

All information is utilized - To make a decision, the modules access all the available production-relevant data of the product (surface, thickness, width, flatness, etc.) via the standardized EPROMI quality database. The same applies to the order-, resource- and planning data, as well as information about material logistics and personnel planning from the MES and ERP systems. The EXPERT 5i modules analyze and weigh all of this information according to specific criteria and generate knowledgebased suggestions for the decision makers.



For every process line the right answer … here example steel


Revealing correlations - By bringing all available information together and combining it in different ways, correlations are revealed which unleash huge optimization potential for the individual process line, the networked processes in a plant, at a single production location and for an entire company worldwide. Besides the continued quality improvement at decreasing costs, the EXPERT 5i modules provide valuable support of the production process as a whole and maximizes throughput.


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