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CoilRelease - Guarantee Product Quality & System Protection


Processing defective coils is costly, reduces throughput and may cause line damage. By utilizing surface inspection data and flexible rules, the EXPERT5i CoilRelease software module provides release/block decision support to ensure defective coils are not released. In addition to surface inspection data, any relevant process data such as roughness, temperature, shape, thickness, etc. can be integrated for release/block decisions. Data is analyzed and compressed for a simplified approach to arrive at the correct decision. The release/block decision is stored in a database and can also be printed out as a report or sent via e-mail.


The Application:

  • Display of all relevant information at a glance
  • A release/block recommendation: time saving, prioritization and focus on the important aspects


The Advantages:

  • Reduce processing cost by not processing defective coils
  • Eliminate line damage caused by defective coils
  • Configurable and objective release/block rules
  • Integration with multiple process measurement variables
  • Improved quality


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