• ISRA Parsytec Support
  • ISRA Parsytec Support
  • 百世科技技术支持


By means of the support hotline and due to a dedicated staff, each and every single support case will be taken care of immediately by searching for a convenient and efficient solution.

During local working hours: the response via telephone, e-mail, or fax from qualified ISRA VISION Parsytec support staff within 1 hour is guaranteed.

Outside local business hours (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays): the response via telephone, e-mail, or fax within 4 hours is guaranteed.


Enhanced system availability via modular Service Contracts:

ISRA VISION Parsytec has bundled its Product Support Services in various service contracts, which offer all service levels from standard to premium.


Customer Account: The ISRA VISION Parsytec Customer Service Account facilitates booking ISRA VISION Parsytec consultants/engineers for individual system maintenance and tuning tasks. Within the Customer Service Account, the customer can - on case-by-case base - retrieve ISRA VISION Parsytec service man-days (both on-site and remote).

Support Hotline: The Support Hotline offers direct connection to an experienced ISRA VISION Parsytec engineer for immediate phone and dial-in support. Guaranteed short response times ensure rapid problem solving.

Emergency Support Service: This support option is available to all ISRA VISION Parsytec customers without any valid support services contract. Particularly during critical situations, it provides customers with the opportunity to receive support for a single support case with the highest priority.

On-site System Check: The ISRA VISION Parsytec On-site System Check tackles the entire system: from system configuration over system usage to system performance assessment.

Remote System Check: With the Remote System Check, the customer's inspection system will be checked by a competent ISRA VISION Parsytec service engineer via dial-in. It will be performed twice a year and in encompasses all relevant system functions.

On-site Calibration Service: The On-site Calibration Service ensures that the inspection system is calibrated adequately - even after changes in the production environment.



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