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Fast Integration for Shortest Time until Production Use

In order to integrate surface inspection systems into a specific metal or paper processing line requires the configurating of a number of product components. While hardware related mechanical and electrical integration can be usually achieved very easily, more configuration can be necessary with the network integration into the IT infrastructure, tuning of the systems sensitivity for various material classes or quality grades, and the maintenance or definition of the Defect Catalog (forming the Basis for the Classifier Configuration). And the day-to-day usage can also yield adaptions to the surface inspection system to conform with local work procedures and standards - resulting finally into the integration of inspection results in reports and decisions.



The Start-up Package realizes a Surface or Web Inspection System in full operation. It comprises first production benefits documented by the Performance Certificate of DriveCycle™ 2.2.

The Final Acceptance of the system completes the package and is the milestone for starting the Warranty Period.

The Start-up Package includes Base Training for two key users.
It provides the participants with the skills that are required to set-up, maintain, and use the inspection system on their own.

The Start-up Package follows this track:


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