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Newsletter June 2010




Excellent Paper Production Monitoring
Event Capturing: Root Cause Analysis for fast Action

Web break monitoring actually is not a new idea. However, such systems have been limited to receiving information through external hardware signals for tracking or to using simple gray value changes, such as breaks. In order to analyze defect root causes, stored data sequences had to be manually reviewed. This has proven to be both cumbersome and inefficient.

Automatic data storage instead of manual data storage

Based on the accumulated experience of more than 600 installed inspection systems for web products, a new web break monitoring system has been developed - the Event Capturing (EC).

The same web segment monitored in all critical process steps at one view by:

  • Automatic capturing and evaluation of process relevant critical points from the EC camera system using pre-settings
  • Time and position synchronized storage and retrieval of all video sequences
  • Systematic conclusions about defect sources along the entire process chain
    • Targeted countermeasures
    • Averting critical paper defects
    • Increased runability and quality

Coupling web break monitoring and web inspection

The advantages are even more impressive when combining a Web Inspection (WIS) to an Event Capturing system.

The WIS captures and catalogs all quality-related paper defects at the end of the production machine. The paper manufacturer gets helpful information concerning the defect data, but cannot draw any conclusions about its cause.

Video sequences showing the defects detected by the WIS are coupled with corresponding pictures from the EC cameras. In addition to the defect and classification information, now video sequences are available to track defects to their root cause. By coupling web break monitoring, it can be immediately recognized where and why a defect first occurred in the machine. Not only does this provide conventional analysis of web breaks, but also enables having early online information about where the break occurred and what caused it.

The Result? – Optimal machine runability, improved material quality, as well as a reduction in repairs and maintenance to the production machines – simply put: highly efficient processing.

Web break monitoring at a glance:

  • Reduction of web breaks, downtime and scrap through automatic alarming
    and immediate reaction
  • Production optimization through fast reaction to defective functioning by
    providing early root cause recognition and analysis
  • Reduction of repairs and maintenance through advanced cleaning techniques and
    the use of standard components


Minimize Scrap, enhance Quality
EXPERT5i Software Modules help to make
cost-effective Decisions

The specific modules use all available production-related contract, resource and planning data using a standardized quality database. This also applies to information from MES and ERP systems.

  • Access using a smart basic architecture down to the field level
  • Weighting information using specific query techniques
  • Generating knowledge-based recommendations for decisionmakers
  • Software modules for yield and process optimization

By using intelligent shortcuts, relationships are discovered, exposing enormous potential for optimization:

  • individually for each process line
  • locally, for related processes in one factory, at one site
  • globally for the entire company

Quickly identify intervention opportunities

The system identifies approaching problems and suggests appropriate intervention options. Service can thus be preventative, either at individual facilities or at different worldwide locations. These can be accessed at all times to compare production data.

ProcessAnalysis – the analysis of production batches for individual defects and trends.

  • Generate more precise analyses using certain statistical data with
    pre-formulated statistical evaluations
  • Minimizing in on-process problems which may not be initially visible
  • Process improvement through targeted improvement recommendations

CalenderProtection – to improve the ability to run the calendar by protecting calendar rolls.

  • Online protection in less than half a second. Automatic opening of calendar rolls at the advent of critical defects
  • The ability to respond immediately to process problems
  • Support for improvement of plant protection
  • Minimizes downtime

Gain an overview to sort out defects and make the right economic decisions

DefectTracking – to track defects along the entire process chain: from the paper machine to the calendar to the roll cutter.

  • Automatic visualization of corresponding errors
  • Precise localization of errors through the user interface
  • Targeted introduction of countermeasures
  • Efficient manufacturing process

DefectTrend – for rapid response to an increasing number of errors and a rapid view of procedure quality.

  • Optimum monitoring of the manufacturing process

SlittingPreview – as an extension to cutting optimization.

  • Generate a drum card with an integrated cutting plan for the drum in front
    of the cutting machine
  • Automatic or manual customization of the cutting plan
  • Reduce scrap

AutomaticSorting – for automatic sorting out of single, low-quality paper and cardboard sheets when cutting.

  • Optimum quality control

Reel-/RollRelease – for presentation of all relevant information about a roll and/or a drum at a glance.

  • Display roller data according to the cutting plan
  • Comprehensive decision support
  • Optimization of the production yield

In Summary
The EXPERT5i module finds the right answer for many typical paper production problems along the different stages of production. Each user can selectively deploy the EXPERT5i module. Paper production can be systematically optimized with the right decision support, improving efficiency in the paper mill.







Higher qualitative Throughput in Tissue Production

Inspection systems provide information about line defects at all production levels. Costly web breaks and significant machine downtime can be avoided by using comprehensive inspection solutions.

Why? – Breaks in the converting process lead to expensive machine downtime and related production shutdowns. Reducing them increases throughput. Consequently, optimal production targets are achieved with fewer converting machines.

A new solution enables tissue processing with much higher throughput at lower costs.

  • Defekt-Handling – Increasing efficiency by reducing breaks
  • Line inspection – Minimizing errors in the tissue machine
  • Event Capturing – Improving tissue machine runtime for example, by reducing breaks
  • EXPERT5i Software Tools – Quality improvement through benchmarking and immediate qualitative classification of each finished tissue web.

The tissue manufacturer benefits from many advantages offered by this
fully integrated system.

  • Complete solution for tissue production
    • Protection of the Yankee cylinder
    • Web inspection
    • Defect handling for converting
  • Immediate adjustments to process changes
  • Early detection – even for difficult-to-recognize defects

The benefits?

  • Direct “on-machine” process optimization
  • Less downtime by reducing defects and breaks in the tissue machine
  • Increased efficiency – Fewer breaks in the converting process
  • Improved quality – Objective data for detailed process analysis and optimization

WEPA, Fripa, SCA and Cartaseta are already benefiting from production optimization by using ISRA PARSYTEC – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




Christoph Wiericks: New Product Manager for Paper Systems

Over the course of his career, he gained skills and experience through several positions – from his many years of project management to a responsible, successful project leader of surface inspection solutions to optimize paper production processes.

Wiericks took over the responsibilities of Product Manager for Paper and Tissue products in 2009. His excellent knowledge of software development, his project management experience and customer service in the paper and tissue manufacturing area, all will help him in his future tasks and make him a highly-qualified contact in any inspection issue.

He significantly contributes to decisions within the paper products group as an information intermediary between customers and inhouse development, sales and marketing functions.






Recent Orders:

  • Event Capturing System at Kanzan (Germany)
  • Web Inspection System and parsytec5i at Dresden Papier Heidenau (Germany)
  • Web Inspection and Event Capturing System at APP IK Tangerang (Indonesia)
  • Web Inspection System at Papierwerke Lenk (Germany)
  • Event Capturing System for Converting at SCA Ortmann (Austria)
  • Web Inspection System for Voith Paper at Hunsfos Fabrikker (Norway)
  • Web Inspection System at Weidmann (Switzerland)
  • Tissue Inspection System at Fripa Miltenberg (Germany)
  • Web Inspection System at UPM Schongau (Germany)





More than 2000 surface inspection systems worldwide

Selected references from the paper industry:

  • 129 Graphic Paper Installations
  • 116 Speciality Paper Installations
  • 56 Board / Kraft Installations
  • 31 Newsprint Installations
  • 20 Tissue Installations
  • 2 Pulp Installations