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  • Newsletter Oct 2009

Newsletter October 2009


  • Editorial
  • Root Cause Analysis for fast Action
    Automatic Line Monitoring and Alarming
    along the complete Process Chain
  • Yield Maximization at every Process Stage
    Economic Decisions with EXPERT5i
  • parsytec5i++
    Decision Support by Reduction to strictly necessary Information
  • NEW – Real-Time Inspection at Lower Costs
  • Most advanced inspection technology
    For Hellenic Aluminium Industry ELVAL SA
  • Recent Orders






The ISRA PARSYTEC Team welcomes you to this edition of METALS NEWS!

Quick set-up times and a constant level of high quality are key factors to an efficient and economic steel manufacturing - a demanding task to maintain a competitive position under the pressure of the current market conditions. When attracting new business, especially during economically challenging times, not only does price play a decisive role, but more importantly, the maximization of throughtput on every process step and the quality of the produced material.

Fully automatic inspection systems already help monitoring and documenting single process steps in steel production. But that is not enough to systematically optimize steel production. ISRA PARSYTEC is proud to present innovative EXPERT5i software solutions, enabling customers to easily create individual surface quality yield management. Furthermore, our event capturing along the complete process chain constitutes a powerful tool for automatic line and event controlling, especially combined to web inspection. Highest detection performance for coated steels can be achieved by the high-resolution cameras of espresso SMASH.

And yet, our customer relationship does not end upon delivery of the product. Moreover, we estimate a continuous relationship, which begins with Customer Support. At your service contact point, you speak directly to a qualified system engineer. Regardless of whether you have questions about your application, system, software, user settings or remote system management, your inquiry will receive immediate attention – 24h/365 days a year.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Hans Jürgen Christ,


Root Cause Analysis for fast Action
Automatic Line Monitoring and Alarming
along the complete Process Chain

The automatic line monitoring with espresso EC event capturing allows recording a video along the strip. Cameras are distributed at different positions along both sides of the production machine. The system quickly analyzes the causes for malfunction sources.

As a further plus, the interlinking of an existing surface inspection with event capturing allows detailed monitoring and analysis of critical defect situations along the process steps for early identification of an upcoming disaster. How does it work? The surface inspection system detects a severe defect and demands the event capturing system to store an image sequence of all event capturing cameras along the process chain. The automatic analysis of the position synchronized images enables a reliable root cause analysis for fast preventive action. This leads to a considerable reduction of defective production material due to strip defect causes. Whereas a conventional surface inspection system detects and classifies defects, the interlinking to an EC system stored video sequences allow the instantaneous identification of typical disaster post mortem and lead to efficient prevention of disaster events.

The consequence? - Optimized machine runability, higher material quality, as well as a countable reduction in repair and maintenance of the production machine – highest efficiency. The benefits at one view:

  • Disaster analysis & prevention by automatic line monitoring and integrated solution by coupling surface inspection and event capturing
  • Reduction of scrap production due to automatic alarming and immediate reaction possibilities
  • Fast reaction to malfunction due to early detection and analysis of its cause
  • Reduction of machine malfunction and repair as well as optimization of maintenance rates


Yield Maximization at every Process Stage
Economic Decisions with EXPERT5i

Fully automatic inspection systems already help monitoring and documenting the production process. Though, this is not sufficient to optimize processes and production.

Taking fast, objective, economic decisions for every production stage is necessary to ensure yield maximization. EXPERT5i application software modules quickly help find the right answers concerning process optimization. The EXPERT5i modules access all available production-relevant data of the product via the standardized EPROMI quality database, analyse and weigh all of this information according to specific production aims and generate knowledge based suggestions for the decision makers.

Changes and trends can be made visible to individual lines and production lines located across the globe…

Reducing waste, increasing throughput and improving quality are critical challenges for efficient production processes. These goals can be achieved with ISRA PARSYTEC surface inspection technology and EXPERT5i software tools that take inspection data and translate it into decisions to increase yield. The innovated EXPERT5i software mentors are unique solutions to improve surface inspection at each stage of flat metal processes. The modules are the extended arm of the plant management that takes action to the field without getting lost in details. They help to quickly find the right answers to many questions concerning yield and process optimization.

  • CoilRelease provides a quality analysis of the coils and issues a release suggestion for the next process or for the end customer. This operator can make the best decisions by releasing quality coils and blocking defect coils.
  • CoilReassignment leads to an optimized yield by reassigning blocked material to different customer orders with matching requirements, thereby ensuring improved material utilization and higher profit.
  • CoilPreview the throughput is optimized by showing defects from one or several previous production processes are shown, issuing warnings, processing defective material and reducing repairs and downtime.
  • TandemProtection reduces coil breaks and downtime by alerting the mill operator of critical defects that could cause a coil break and damage to the cold rolling mill before they enter the tandem mill.
  • PickleProcessTuning is a typical example to describe the process which ensures an optimized run through a pickling line. The result:
    • Fewer overpickled coils or,
    • Less residual scale while increasing throughput by up to 5%

  • How does this work? – the starting point is the indication and evaluation of the coil’s scale and the temperature development of the coil from the hot-rolling process.

    The PickleProcessTuning generates suggestions for an optimal pickling speed, provides a visualization of the degree of scaling and the temperature of the coil from the previous hot rolling process, thereby optimizing the throughput while reducing overpickling and residual scale.

Information leads to knowledge, knowledge to decisions
– decisions that reduce costs!

Our campaign offer:
A yield optimization providing over 100.000€ per year – with a “No Risk” return policy for a 3 months period

You as a specialist already know: quickly find the right answers for yield and process optimization is a challenging task! – Even more considering the pressure of global competition and the current market conditions. A unique solution: Improve your surface inspection system and save money at each stage of your flat metal processes with the new EXPERT5i software mentors!


Our customer offer*:
(USD prices available on request)

ROI - up to:


25.500 EUR

800.000 EUR/yr


25.500 EUR

680.000 EUR/yr


10.500 EUR

100.000 EUR/yr

Try one or more EXPERTs for free**!

  • For EXPERT5i Software Mentors ordered through the 30th of November 2009, you only decide after a three months period, if you are satisfied and want to pay for the desired EXPERT license(s).
  • Each EXPERT5i mentor can be simply implemented with a few days of on-site services.

* Non-recurring license fee, valid through 30/11/09.
** On-site services will become due with commissioning and can not be refunded.







Decision Support by Reduction to strictly Necessary

Since 2004, the parsytec5i++ software intelligence portfolio has provided the metals industry with a new generation of decision support and analysis tools. The initial success of parsytec5i has led to the implementation of more complex data projects. Now it is time for the next generation: parsytec5i++.

combines the field proven concepts of parsytec5i with the performance of state-of-the-art software development platforms. Developing custom made solutions efficiently, using applications directly from within a web browser, viewing surface quality and measurement data at a single glance and integrating existing software are only a few advantages of parsytec5i++. The software is based on concepts of the steel industry to improve yield.

Instead of working with defect lists, it uses tables, coil sections and sequences to process results. parsytec5i++ uses surface inspection data and various other gauging data of the target and of upstream processes. The visualization of the necessary information is reduced to the bare minimum in combination with a data drill if required.

enables powerful implementation of solutions that are not limited to the analysis of data from a single line, but tracked through the production process. Applications can be used directly from within a web browser. This allows access from the mill network without costly installation. By using this centralized approach, applications are installed only once in one place, ensuring users always work with the latest version.




NEW – Real-Time Inspection at Lower Costs

The inspection of coated steel inspection products can now be improved – with espresso SMASH.

A number of key product features serve the extended requirements of producers for high-end coated steel: Utmost image clarity is achieved with new digital cameras at higher resolutions, improved illumination and additional analysis power to recognize anomalies in surface images – all driven by Parsytec’s HTS Inspection Software Suite…

espressoSMASH: The new member of ISRA PARSTYEC’s inspection systems family enables the usage of high resolution cameras and covers advanced real time image processing challenges.

With espressoSMASH the well accepted Parsytec user interface and tuning tools are now combined with the most advanced real-time image processing technology of ISRA VISION …

Based on this the number of cameras and related components per surface inspection system can be decreased significantly. Therefore high performance surface inspection is available at lower price now. High resolution also for colour cameras and the advanced real-time capabilities dedicate espressoSMASH best suited for coated steel and aluminium inspection. Especially at organic coated metals strip the new product recognizes almost all quality relevant surface defects for an immediate process improvement to avoid these coating defects.




Most advanced inspection technology
For Hellenic Aluminium Industry ELVAL SA

Already in 2007 ISRA PARSYTEC started surface inspection business with Elval, member of the Greek Viohalco Group (the largest Greek metals processing group. Established in 1937) which has subsidiaries in many European countries. Elval, the leading Greek manufacturer of flat rolled aluminium products, installed its first Parsytec inspection system on one of their Inspection and Slitting Line.

ISRA PARSYTEC was the winner of a long-term technical evaluation. Elval quickly recognized the advantage of the outstanding technological solutions, even for demanded special configurations and demands. The performance of the ISRA PARSYTEC inspection system completely satisfied the customer. It comes at no surprise that Elval orders a second surface inspection system for their new Tension Levelling and Slitting Line in 2008. Inspection systems by ISRA PARSYTEC deliver reliable and comprehensive information about all relevant strip defects. The customized solutions are helping Elval to achieve highest profitability. Due to highest quality requirements the Parsytec Dual SensorTM – a unique combination of line scan and matrix sensors – was ordered.

The Dual SensorTM also offers two orthogonal types of illumination to cover quite different types of surface defects. Direct light enhances topographic surface imperfections while diffuse light smoothes these kind of defects to make even lower contrast defects visible.

Therefore Dual SensorTM is a breakthrough in detection performance. “As quality expectations are increasing and essential for Elval to maintain qualified supplier status with its customers, the advantages of ISRA PARSYTEC’s leading edge technology for aluminium strip was once again quickly confirmed by the customer”, says Dr. Steffen Burkhardt, ISRA PARSYTEC Metals Product Manager.

Another member of the Viohalco Group, the Halcor S.A., ordered for their subsidiary SofiaMed in Bulgaria a further surface inspection system for a Copper Grinding Line in 2009. This constitutes an analogical special challenge for quality control due to the surface texture of grinded copper.




Recent Orders:

  • Hot Strip Mill from TMEIC GE for COSIPA Cubatao (Brazil)
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Line from CMI for ILVA Novi Ligure (Italy)
  • Hot Strip Mill at Shougang QianAn (China)
  • Copper/Brass Mill at Circuit Foil (Luxembourg)
  • 2 Hot Dip Galvanizing Lines from CMI for Handan (China)
  • Continuous Annealing Line at POSCO (Vietnam)
  • Hot Annealing and Pickling Line at POSCO (Korea)
  • 2 Pickling and Tandem Lines at POSCO (Korea)
  • APF Line at POSCO (Korea)
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing Line at POSCO (Mexico)
  • Milling Line at Sofia Med (Bulgaria)
  • Tension Levelling Line at Huafeng (China)
  • APL Line at Allegheny Ludlum (USA)
  • 2 Recoiling Lines at NSSC (Japan)
  • Hot Strip Mill at Colakoglu (Turkey)
  • Hot Strip Mill at NTK (Japan)
  • Pickling and Tandem Line at Hunan Valin (China)
  • 2 HGD Lines at WISCO (China)
  • APF Line at Thainox (Thailand)






More than 2000 surface inspection systems worldwide

Selected references of the metals industry:

  • more than 75 Hot Mill Installations
  • more than 80 Pickling Line Installations
  • more than 50 Coating Line Intsallations
  • more than 40 Annealing and Other Line Installations
  • more than 50 Aluminium Installations
  • more than 10 Copper / Brass Installations