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  • Newsletter Sep 2008
  • Newsletter Sep 2008

Newsletter September 2008


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Michael Trunkhardt

ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC - a message from the market leader


Joining the two companies - ISRA VISION and Parsytec - together has not only brought forth synergies to be used but more importantly innovational pushes. Parsytec software and application know-how + ISRA image processing competence results in unsurpassed inspection solutions and brand-new products such as espresso SMASH for aluminum.
Based on this extensive portfolio, we are proud to present our Quality Solution Map for the Aluminum industry. Our systems are complemented by online, real-time and offline production optimizing solutions as well as quality yield management applications. We are serving a broad range of applications for surface inspection: from hot rolling over coating up to finishing lines - we know your challenges and deliver the best solutions.
Yet, we are not only close to you technology-wise - we literally speak your language. In worldwide 15 subsidiaries, our teams are ready to serve your needs and strive to support you in working with our systems to achieve best possible production use. Our customer service and support center makes it possible: we are there for you - 24/7 - 365 days a year.
Together with you, our common success story will grow with ongoing solution-oriented innovations.
We are looking forward to meeting you for example at an event close to you.



Aluminum Quality Solution Map - the most complete product portfolio for the whole process chain

ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC offer as the only supplier the optimization of the entire production chain with solutions for each process step: from casting over hot and cold rolling up to finishing processes - even up to print and can inspection.
ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC’s SIS is the only one to combine detection and classification algorithms for both, matrix and line scan technologies achieving the industry’s best inspection performance. At the heart of the SIS, you find all the latest internet technologies from Ethernet-based digital cameras to WEB-browsing of results.
ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC now - for the first time - present the complete Aluminum Quality Solution Map with five different sensors and configurations: we now serve a total of nine line types - from ingot over hot rolling and annealing up to coating, finishing and even can inspection.
Along with new parsytec 5i capabilities in synchronizing product data per coil throughout the process chain, a new level of process analysis and material management will be demonstrated. ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC offer as the only supplier the optimization of the entire production chain with solutions for each process step: from casting over hot and cold rolling up to finishing processes - even up to print and can inspection. Aluminum producers benefit from our complete product portfolio: hardware-based inspection offerings and process optimizing software complement each other in order to achieve highest yield and fastest return on investment (ROI). This results in higher customer satisfaction, a significantly decreased claim rate and a more frictionless production. Delivering the worlds most advanced surface inspection system (SIS) is not enough, our customers are driving us to innovate and improve integration into the production decision and optimization processes.



Live View for a comprehensive overview


The Live View allows a review of the entire strip surface at any time, even for defect-free sections. The Online Live View presents the entire strip surface in parallel to the “normal” inspection screen.
The top and bottom side of the strip will be shown moving on two 24” TFT screens.
Zooming and panning functionalities enable detailed viewing, whereas the scrolling and storing options can be used for review purposes. The zooming factors are selectable for displaying details or the entire strip width. The entire surface of one of the previous coils can be reviewed or stored on hard disk on a fingertip.
The images captured by the cameras undergo a brightness correction for eliminating the illumination gradient as well as a real-time projective rectification. By means of the projective rectification the projective distortion caused by the camera angle and camera rotation are compensated. For the Live View, the images are shrunk (2x2) and copied, before the image stream is sent directly to the Live View Terminal.




High-end detection enables real-time reactions

“Consistent, and moreover: fast detection results enable us to react promptly – by repairing defects online and in-time. Our scrap production rate has been decreased significantly. And the customer satisfaction is meanwhile growing.” - That is Novelis Nachterstedt’s opinion on Parsytec’s inspection solution with the following benefits:

  • Fast detection for prompt defect repairing
  • Reduction of scrap production
  • Improved production

The GLA at Novelis, Nachterstedt (Germany) produces a great variety of aluminum surfaces. This diversity increases the surface inspection system demands immensely as it is accompanied by a great range of different surface defects.
The variety of produced finishings demands different detection requirements, which can only be met by Parsytec’s unique Dual Sensor™ technology combining diffuse and direct light in order to detect even the most subtle 3D-defects.
Novelis chose this technology due to Parsytec’s good reputation in the Aluminum industry proving the SIS’ reliability and the confirmed process and production optimizations. For example: Already five more inspection projects have been realized at various Novelis sites - all with great customer satisfaction.
The SIS enables the personnel at the line to repair defects online during production. Especially recurring defects can thus be avoided. The result of that is a secured production, which meets the actual order requirements.
Additionally, the scrap production has been reduced considerably. Decreasing scrap, production times and especially the costs - material- and personnel-wise - will be lowered as well. Consequently, the overall production processes at the GLA have been improved: the production runs more smoothly, - and finally this is reflected in better production quality resulting in high customer satisfaction.




avoid scrapping of 50-300 coils per year

Surface Quality of aluminum sheet and strip is determined by many parameters throughout the production process. To achieve best possible results, continuous monitoring and control of the production process is inevitable.
The gained information can be used to optimize the actual process step, to provide feedback to the supplier (or an internal process), and to feed-forward information for subsequent process steps. The more quality information is known and processed, the higher the enhancement potential of the overall production process chain. parsytec 5i takes on these challenges and provides the industry with efficient production decision support solutions.

Defect Trend
The application “Defect Trend View” constitutes a control monitor tracking defect occurrences over coils. This software package is mostly used by the inspector, process- or line-specific quality assurance personnel, or general QA.
The application graphically displays trends for a selectable number of classes for a configurable number of last coils of the production. It then shows the defect class situation on the current coil. “Defect Trend View” most prominently features rule-based alarms. This includes rule-based threshold watching. Secondly, this application emphasizes several statistic and feedback functionalities. On the one hand, it is possible to display class statistics and overview statistics for both, top and bottom side. On the other hand, the user receives general alarm statistics as well as

Slitting Optimization
The precise knowledge of defect locations and their relevance for a particular customer and application allows to recalculate the best slitting positions. This software product takes customer specifications and the defect map as basis to compute an optimized slitting plan. Also, gained yields and the economic benefit can be computed and displayed.
The application "Slitting Optimization" optimizes an existing slit program according to the surface quality. It is mainly designed to be used by the production personnel on the entry of the slitting line. Incoming coils can be individually selected, for which then the coil map and additionally the respective defect images from the preprocess inspection data will be displayed. After finding the slit program for the selected coil, the virtual slits are shown. The application virtually rotates the slits on the coil in order to find the best order for the needed slits matching the coil’s best yield.
Quality decisions, process information and the optimized slit program can be written back to any database. Information is available immediately after the inspection is finished.







Aluminium 2008

Best Quality by High-end Inspection Solutions for the complete Process Chain in ALUMINIUM - More than just Surface Inspection!

State-of-the-art surface inspection by ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC improve every single process step of the aluminum production and achieve

  • enhanced production efficiency and process control
  • delivered quality and significantly increased customer satisfaction
  • Yield Management based on automatic inspection and reliable classification

At the ALUMINIUM 2008 in Essen (Germany), the Aluminum Quality Solution Map will be presented for the first time: detection, classification and production optimization solutions for altogether 9 different line types - from ingot casting even up to can production.
ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC present their latest inspection solutions: hardware and software offerings serving the complete process chain - from inspection at processing lines up to the inspection of cans. This offer is completed with additional solutions for optimizing production efficiency and quality: process analysis, slitting optimization, coil decision as well as defect trend view and analyis are just some amongst many options.





Recent Orders

  • Coating Line at Novelis Aluminio do Brasil Ltda. (Brazil)
  • Tensioning and Slitting Line at ELVAL (Greece)
  • Coating Line at Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
  • Slitting Line at Wise Alloys (USA)
  • Coating Line at Confidential Customer (Belgium)
  • Tension Leveller at CHINALCO (China)






More than 600 installations in Metals (330) and Paper (317) worldwide

Selected references are:

  • 84 Hot Mills
  • 82 Pickling Lines
  • 44 Annealing and other Lines
  • 47 Coating Lines
  • 56 Aluminum Lines
  • 7 Copper / Brass Lines


parsytec 5i: More than 80 applications

  • 33 Coil Grading applications
  • 14 Line Linking
  • 10 Process Correlation applications
  • 6 Material Reassignment applications
  • 9 WWW applications
  • 11 Production Optimization applications