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  • Newsletter Feb 2008
  • Newsletter Feb 2008

Newsletter February 2008


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Friedrich Luecking, Chief Technology Officer, Parsytec AG

Dear Customer,


Half a year ago, Parsytec and ISRA merged, forming the world’s largest and most capable supplier for surface inspection systems. We did that to provide you, our customers, with better products and better services. We have taken some time to listen to your demands and are now presenting the first series of improvements, made possible by exploiting our joint technology portfolios.

High on your list has been an improved flexibility for the sensor front-end of our inspection solutions. We have now integrated white LED lighting and 12 Bit digital line-scan cameras performing at speeds of up to 160 MHz. This technology is available as a variant of the Parsytec espresso SIS, targeting steel coating applications. The benefit for you will be again an increase in SIS applicability.
Second, you asked to improve the integration of parsytec 5i applications into your production processes. For this, the new Release 3.0 features a plug-in interface allowing custom software development and facilitates a tight coupling with legacy software and proprietary data systems. We are excited to see these innovations working for you, our customers!



espresso SMASH

ISRA and PARSYTEC are joining forces and have created the largest and most capable supplier of surface inspection solutions.Exploiting the technology portfolios of both companies now results in animproved coated steel inspection product - espresso SMASH.

A number of key product features serve the extended requirements of producers for high-end coated steel: utmost image clarity is achieved with new digital cameras at higher resolutions, improved illumination and additional analysis power to recognize anomalies in surface images - all driven by Parsytec’s HTS Inspection Software Suite.

The high image processing power of the espresso SMASH WEB FPGA is used for an acceleration of the proven HTS defect detection mechanism. The image data acquired by the linescan cameras is analyzed and filtered in order to selectively amplify or suppress particular image contents for best results. Recognition of e.g. low contrast streaks or low contrast large area defects can therefore reach a new level. espresso SMASH offers the right configuration for all the requirements.

espresso SMASH

Super Power for Inspection



Now, even most subtle defect occurrences on coated material can be recognized, including streaks, coating spots and bubbles, pits, or scratches. With the improved scalability of line-scan cameras, higher resolutions are now possible for materials with low surface roughness, e.g. electrolytic galvanized steels or organic coated steels. In addition to the standard of 250μm espresso SMASH now supports 125μm resolution.

espresso SMASH makes highest detection performance for coated steels possible through:

  • digital line-scan cameras and LED lighting for enhanced image quality
  • FPGA capabilities for advanced image analysis
  • easy scalability in resolution for smallest coating defects
  • proven in over 250 installations
  • all implemented via the steel industry standard software Parsytec HTS



Performance Monitor

The System Performance Monitor serves the purpose of a long-term analysis of the system performance. Therefore, illumination, defect and edge detection, classification are checked as well as the CPU load – server and camera PCs – and the network load (server). Finally, the diagnosis is taken into consideration as well.

The Performance Monitor database feeds from two main sources: the system database and the SIS Server plus Camera PCs. Data from the SIS Server and Camera PCs – the CPU load, the Network load and the memory usage – are collected and aggregated. The system database delivers data about coils, defects, the diagnosis and more, which is filtered, analyzed and aggregated as well. The System Performance Monitor then creates reports of this data.

Available reports are about the illumination, the defect and edge detection, the classification, the server performance, etc. All of their reports are based on parsytec 5i. Customized report screens can be created additionally. All reports can be accessed via the internet and be printed out.




Now 15 locations worldwide

ISRA & PARSYTEC offer their customers now an even more extended customer service: at 15 locations around the world, our staff takes care of sales- and service related issues of our customers.

About 370 employees in 15 locations - for example in China, Korea, several European countries, the USA and Latin America, and most importantly the headquarter in Germany - take care of the needs and wishes of 70 customers in the metals industry and nearly 100 in the pulp, packaging and paper business.

For our customers, the benefits are obvious: +++ More Solutions +++ More Resources +++ More Competences +++ More Innovation +++ More Flexibility +++ More Service +++


Support & Service around the world

The ISRA & PARSYTEC product portfolio helps our customers in the metals and paper industry to achieve top yields and to reduce quality-related costs.

We offer a complete product range – a full solution package from hardware over software to customer-specific service as well as support – to meet our customer’s requirements optimally.


15 locations worldwide make a difference. The benefits for our customers are obvious:

  • Bundled and enhanced competences
  • More solutions via a broadened product portfolio
  • More resources for faster developments and shorter reaction times
  • More and faster innovations via customer-oriented development
  • More Service due to more subsidiaries and geographical closeness to our customers




Release 3.0

parsytec 5i Release 3.0 encompasses comprehensive plug-in technology for third-party data, enhanced accessibility and customer-specialization. The key feature of parsytec 5i Release 3.0 is its “plug-in” interface capability, which allows integrating existing third-party software, accessing and processing proprietary data, and developing customer-specific parsytec 5i components. By means of a plug-in component in a specific format, data can be easily accessed and processed including the linking to data from other sources. Additionally, this release includes a graphic visualization tool for displaying measurement data of different sources.

Key features of Release 3.0 is the “Plug-in Interface” allowing accessing and integrating external software modules such as programs or components. This plug-in interface enables integrating existing third-party software, accessing and processing proprietary data or developing customer-specific 5i components.

These external software modules will be accessed via the parsytec 5i screen like any other component following the same rules as the original 5i components. This allows exploiting the power of external programs without compromising the easy-to-use functionalities of parsytec 5i.

parsytec 5i Release 3.0 enables the integration of API – “Application Programmable Interface” - offered by a great variety of commercial third-party programs and components. This includes the integration of existing office suites, ERP systems, mathematical and statistical packages (e.g. for correlation analysis), graphics and many others.

The Plug-In Interface also allows accessing proprietary data. Many gauges parsytec 5i accesses these data by providing specialized so-called data access plug-ins. This makes accessing and processing the data and combining it with data from other data sources as easy as accessing data from standard databases.

parsytec 5i Release 3.0 includes a powerful graphic visualization to be used to display measurement data of different sources. Small, customer-specific tailored software programs – like special analyses or visualization modules – can now be used in a broader community by using the easy access with plug-in components.



parsytec 5i Plug-in Interface & Visualization




ISIS 2008

26-27 February 2008, Amsterdam / The Netherlands

For the second time, inspection experts - all the large suppliers of automatic surface inspection systems for flat steel - come together for the International Surface Inspection Summit.

Besides exhibiting state-of-the-art inspection technologies, more than 30 experience reports on the introduction and operation of inspection systems will be given - covering Steel, Non-ferrous as well as Research and Development in the area of long and flat products.

ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC launch their next product generation espresso SMASH on the 26th February - live at the ISIS.

ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC provide leading vision technology, a complete surface inspection portfolio of solutions for every step of metal production, and industry leading yield management software parsytec 5i. ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC are market leaders for continuous strip processes. Expert opinions about the benefits of this joint product portfolio can be rendered at the ISIS 2008.


ISRA VISION & PARSYTEC present in three talks their latest inspection solutions:

  • The next challenge: reliable defect detection on highly textured surfaces (Dr. Johannes Giet)
  • Automatic Online Coil Grading (Friedrich Luecking)
  • New parsytec 5i Material Reassignment Process increases Yield (Hans Peintinger)




Recent Orders

  • Decor Paper Line at Arjowiggins SAS (Germany)
  • Hot Mill at Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (China)
  • Basic Paper Line at Stora Enso (Germany)
  • Hot Strip Mill at Severstal (USA)
  • LWC Line at Stora Enso (Germany)
  • Aluminium Slitting Line at ELVAL - Hellenic Aluminium Industry SA (Greece)
  • Pickling Line at POSCO (Korea)
  • Aluminium Pickling Line at Wise Alloys (USA)
  • Hot Strip Mill ArcelorMittal (USA)
  • Hot Strip Mill at Riva Group (Italy)
  • 2 Pickling Lines at ArcelorMittal (USA)
  • Aluminium Coating Line at AGFA (Belgium)






More than 500 installations in Metals (261) and Paper (240) worldwide

  • 73 Hot mills
  • 76 Pickling lines
  • 44 Coating lines
  • 35 Annealing/other lines
  • 26 Aluminum lines
  • 7 Copper / Brass lines

  • 118 Graphic Paper
  • 62 Specialty Paper
  • 25 Newsprint
  • 12 Tissue
  • 17 Board / Kraft
  • 2 Pulp


parsytec 5i: More than 80 applications at over 20 customers

  • 33 Coil Grading applications
  • 14 Line Linking
  • 10 Process Correlation applications
  • 6 Material Reassignment applications
  • 9 WWW applications
  • 11 other applications