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Multi-view sensor technology opens the door to a whole new array of options: Guaranteed reliable inspection

SURFACE MASTER: Unique inspection solutions for more efficiency and higher product quality in the aluminum cold-rolling mill

Aachen, Germany. SURFACE MASTER, the state-of-the-art inspection system from ISRA VISION Parsytec, the global market leader for surface inspection, offers the best high-performance inspection with the most comprehensive range of functions for the cold-rolling mill in aluminum manufacturing. The system that ensures the highest efficiency and product quality has now once again been upgraded to add critical new changes.

The multi-view technology of the SURFACE MASTER inspection system allows for multi-dimensional inspection with only one single sensor for various viewing angles. With the multi-view sensor technology, even in the most extremely low-contrast, the smallest topographical defects are reliably identified. Multi-step, hierarchical classification tools ensure that all surface defects are reliably categorized and classified.

Another benefit is that the sensor technology works well without any supporting mechanics for conveyor guidance. Furthermore, conveyor vibrations have no impact on the high detection quality.

The sensors are so compact that they can be easily integrated into almost any installation space, no matter how small. The moveable push-in device - called MoveCab - also ensures easy maintenance. The inspection system can be supplemented with an optional software wizard, further optimizing production.

Get up to 100% reliable documentation about the surface quality produced with the SURFACE MASTER inspection system. Not only does the system ensure the best possible surface quality, but it also serves to optimize the manufacturing process of aluminum products while maintaining the highest availability.


About the company

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's largest supplier of surface inspection systems in the metal industry: 18 of the top 20 steel manufacturers make use of ISRA products. With more than 540 installations around the globe, customers not only benefit from an advanced surface inspection system, but also receive reliable and comprehensive information about the relevant surface defects on all production levels. The innovative EXPERT5i software solutions allow the customer to prepare customized surface quality and yield management applications while integrating surface quality data with process data.

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most competent supplier of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, paper, banknote paper, plastics, non-wovens, print and metal industries. The ISRA VISION Group, with its headquarter offices in Darmstadt and Aachen, does business on a global level through locations in 25 other branch offices around the world in places like North America, Korea and China.




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