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Assure best processing and product quality with the world’s first In-line 3D Measuring Plate Inspection

Saving Costs at Inspection, Analysis and Repair of Hot and Cold Heavy Plates

Aachen, Germany. ISRA VISION PARSYTEC, the world's leading supplier of surface inspection systems for strip material, presents a worldwide unique innovation for the visual inspection of hot and cold heavy plates with ISRA’s leading 3D technology: the PLATE INSPECTOR. For the first time in-line 3D measuring inspection of heavy plates is made possible. A special "All-in-One" sensor records the surface information simultaneously and in 3D. This technology inspects both hot (red-hot) heavy plates, including online testing of the roll quality (prevention of periodic roll marks) in the roll stands, and cold heavy plates for any quality-relevant defects. Depending on the layout of the production line, this even allows for repetitive testing of one heavy plate several times, or to set a main inspection aspect.

In a competitive environment that is getting increasingly tighter, the quality of the steel and metal surface is a crucial quality criterion. At a certain thickness of the material, cracks and grooves are frequently an exclusion criterion and a decisive factor as to whether a product can be accepted. If a customer also has requirements relating to the depth or the height of surface defects, until now it was only possible to randomly check this quality parameter or could not be measured at all, thus making it a significant defect risk. The previously used grey value algorithms are unable to record these important height differences only evaluating the pattern in two dimensions and based on colour differences. The PLATE INSPECTOR, with "All-in-One" sensor, not only records defects, using the 3D information, but also allows for real measurement. The integrated combination of area scan camera and laser inspects the plate surface and provides both greyscale and height information, using all of the relevant information for optimal quality determination.

In production, this allows cost savings to be realized, especially as a result of the time and material savings. Having to further process a defective product is one of the most cost-intensive aspects of manufacturing, especially if in the end a product can only be delivered after it has been reworked or cannot be delivered at all. If the cause of the defect is the result of a damaged roll on the rolling mill, the defect is repeated and can affect many heavy plates. The amount of scrap due to unacceptable periodic roll marks can become exorbitant very quickly. With the PLATE INSPECTOR, an inspection can be performed on the still hot plate immediately after the reel mill. If any roll defects are found, they are quickly detected and the problem can be solved promptly by replacing the roll causing the defect.

The universal use of the system in heavy plate inspection, combined with the tried and tested detection software has already convinced several major customers.


About the company

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's largest supplier of surface inspection systems in the metal industry: 18 of the top 20 steel manufacturers make use of ISRA products. With more than 540 installations around the globe, customers not only benefit from an advanced surface inspection system, but also receive reliable and comprehensive information about the relevant surface defects on all production levels. The innovative EXPERT5i software solutions allow the customer to prepare customized surface quality and yield management applications while integrating surface quality data with process data.

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most competent supplier of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, paper, banknote paper, plastics, non-wovens, print and metal industries. The ISRA VISION Group, with its headquarter offices in Darmstadt and Aachen, does business on a global level through locations in 25 other branch offices around the world in places like North America, Korea and China.




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