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Quality assurance and greater efficiency: Clariana benefits from next-generation inspection technology

Fast ROI thanks to unique system solution for Spanish manufacturer of special and colored paper

Spanish manufacturer Clariana has ordered a cutting-edge web inspection system by ISRA VISION for inspecting colored paper. The inspection system identifies and classifies quality-related defects with utmost reliability. ISRA VISION is a world leader in surface inspection systems.

Clariana is a leading Spanish manufacturer of white and colored paper and liner between 30 g/m² and 250 g/m², sold under its ColorPlus brand. The paper products are used in luxury packaging and security applications, where quality is essential. The company therefore wanted to replace the existing system with a new automated inspection solution for the manufacture of colored paper.

They chose an inspection system by ISRA VISION, a world leader in surface inspection. The system has two high-speed cameras with maximum resolution, reliably identifying the smallest of defects, and holes in particular.

The high-power LED lighting enables reliable surface inspection in transmission. Despite its high performance, the LED lighting does not require cooling.

By implementing the inspection solution, Clariana wants to continue to prevent defective products from being delivered to its customers. This will reduce the number of customer complaints, attract new customers and minimize production rejects. The extraordinarily high data quality produced by the inspection system also offers direct insight into every stage of the production process. Well-informed decisions can be made swiftly in order to enhance process efficiency and quality in the long run. Another decisive feature was the fact that the inspection system can be easily integrated into the plant and is intuitive to use, guaranteeing that inspection can start quickly.


About the company

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG is the world's largest supplier of surface inspection systems in the metal industry: 18 of the top 20 steel manufacturers make use of ISRA products. With more than 540 installations around the globe, customers not only benefit from an advanced surface inspection system, but also receive reliable and comprehensive information about the relevant surface defects on all production levels. The innovative EXPERT5i software solutions allow the customer to prepare customized surface quality and yield management applications while integrating surface quality data with process data.

The ISRA VISION Group is the world's largest and most competent supplier of surface inspection systems. The systems are used in the glass, paper, banknote paper, plastics, non-wovens, print and metal industries. The ISRA VISION Group, with its headquarter offices in Darmstadt and Aachen, does business on a global level through locations in 25 other branch offices around the world in places like North America, Korea and China.




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