• Newsletter November 2011
  • Newsletter November 2011
  • Newsletter November 2011

Paper Newsletter November 2011


Market leader sets new standard in surface inspection for board packaging
Highest Quality:
meet all expectations for board production

Increasingly, high demands are being placed on the quality of cardboard packaging. With the new web inspection systems from ISRA PARSYTEC, 100 % of all quality-relevant defects are reliably identified and classified, even the finest scratches and dents.

There is a high level of consumer acceptance for paperboard packaging. Attractive packaging even increases the customer’s willingness to pay a higher price for a product. For these reasons, the demand for high-quality packages is growing worldwide. In addition, it is also important to communicate accurate and legible information such as ingredients. The slightest variations or defects on the packaging surfaces cause not only a reduction of value for the product but the value of the brand. For paperboard suppliers, it is essential to identify defects as soon as possible, so that they can be eliminated on-line and to prevent their delivery, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction.

Very high resolution makes it possible to identify all critical defects
Critical paperboard defects such as scratches are hard to see visually before printing but are clearly evident after printing.
The latest web inspection system from ISRA VISION PARSYTEC was developed specifically for these “hard to see” defects. Employing special lighting and camera technology, quality can be assured and information to reduce defects and improve the process is realized.
The latest inspection system consists of the latest technology and provides a scalable platform for machine specific requirements Equipped with the latest high resolution cameras, advanced image processing algorithms and optimized illumination technology, defects have no chance to escape detection. Higher resolution cameras offer superior imaging (hi def), resulting in detection of tiny defects that frustrate printers. These cameras also reduce system costs and maintenance by reducing the required number of cameras.

Detect, classify and effectively reduce defects
The latest web inspection system, in addition to detecting and classifying defects in real time, provides trends, statistics, and information for benchmarking and process improvement. Accurate classification of defects results in fast root cause analysis and corrective action – reducing waste.
The powerful classifier – delivered ready to go with the system, ensures immediate value and fast payback.

Integrated solution package
The inspection system is provided as an integrated solution. The computer technology is compact and offers solid state hard drive technology for maximum reliability and up-time.
Seamless integration with event capturing cameras placed throughout critical process points on the coater or paper machine allow the source of defects and sheet breaks to be quickly determined and corrected. This unified solution provides an easy to use view with a complete data and process management solution.

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Company-wide reliable performance for board producers
Efficient and Effective: Defect detection and analysis with
latest IntelliCam Technology

Reduce scrap, improve quality and optimize production – with ISRA PARSYTEC Web Break Monitoring Systems based on IntelliCam technology. The IntelliCam technology has been successfully employed by leading global manufacturers, who now can no longer do without it.

The major advantage of the IntelliCam system is the extremely high image quality: IntelliCam cameras provide crystal-clear images despite high production speeds and harsh environmental conditions. Our customers confirm: IntelliCam-Technology enables to drawn conclusions from defect causes through monitoring, capturing and analyzing critical positions.
The ISRA Parsytec IntelliCam synchronizes the views of multiple paper machine locations and provides automatic and manual capture of defects, sheet breaks and sheet behavior.

Global acceptance- the new standard in web break monitoring
With Web Break Monitoring Systems, paper manufacturers can systematically monitor the principle stages in production, from the wet end to the reel. These stages include, for example, the head box slice, the wet press, the guide rollers, the pre-dryer, the main dryer, the glue press, the calendar, and the reel.
IntelliCam-Sensors are installed at these different locations on the paper machine. High speed imaging from each camera location on the machine is synchronized so the same section of paper is viewed simultaneously in each position of the machine. The ability to view synchronized image sequences throughout the entire paper making process enables precise determination of the origin and cause of defects and sheet problems. This improves machine run ability and reduces defects that have to be removed at re-reeling saving waste and improving throughput The superior image quality enables clear views of subtle events at pick-up, trim squirt, and head box slice other systems can not clearly image. This enhanced view allows problems to be seen and corrective action to be taken much sooner.

The advantage is clear – process problems and defects become obvious
The first applications in practical situations have demonstrated that a wider range of defects and process variables can now for the first time be analyzed effectively. Until now it was frequently only possible to make assumptions about the stage of the production process at which defects occur – especilioaly on the wet end of the machine where typical systems have failed to produce long term meaningful images due to the harsh environment. IntelliCam provides long term image quality with integrated ultra bright LED lighting and unique self cleaning capabilities. The lighting system generates no heat - another huge benefit for safe, long term operation. The use of the IntelliCam technology is also applicable to tissue and towel production and converting where higher sheet speeds and a harsh environment is standard. Tissue machine run ability is improved and sheet breaks at converting are reduced. IntelliCam has significantly improved tissue converting efficiency. Users confirm that completely unexpected causes for quality problems have been identified. The return on investment can be achieved after just a few weeks.

Compact sensors with extremely modern technology
A Compact, smart sensor is the key component of IntelliCam. This is coupled with a choice of speed, color or black and white and a robust hardened stainless steel design. The architecture is easiest and lowest cost to integrate due to reduced connections and cabling. IntelliCam offers an IP66 rating for the harshest environments, the automatic cleaning of the viewing port ensures that the image quality is always perfect without regular maintenance. IntelliCam, when equipped with a color sensor can detect color variations. and characteristics.

Highest Quality and Productivity
The IntelliCam system breaks through previous limitations of paper machine monitoring and empowers its users to achieve a higher paper quality and increased production due to higher machine speeds and reduced sheet breaks. Machine operators receive immediate online information concerning the location and cause of defects. The superior image quality clearly shows process problems this makes it possible to solve problems quicker optimizing run ability and reducing defects. IntelliCam’s unique design reduces cost and maintenance- providing clear images 24/7. The experts at ISRA VISION are committed to provide paper, paperboard, and tissue producers improved productivity through innovative surface inspection technology.

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From experts…for experts: Innovations fresh off the production line
Zellcheming 2011: Customer response confirms the
approach adopted by the world’s market leader

After difficult economic times, things are looking up once again in the paper manufacturing industry. This could clearly be seen at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo 2011, Europe’s largest cellulose and paper industry event.

The exhibition’s main focus was on innovations which are intended to achieve greater quality and process optimization in the entire paper, cardboard and cellulose manufacturing fields. The highlight of the items on display was the web break monitoring system with intelligent sensor systems for rapid location of defects.
The technically oriented expo visitors showed particular interest in the robust IntelliCam systems which were presented as the newest innovation for the analysis of web breaks. These intelligent sensor systems for the fast identification of defects are already successfully being used in leading manufacturers facilities around the world (see as an example NEWS Bohui), who are now able to provide systematic evidence on the defects’ causes and able to optimize their production processes accordingly.
Another important aspect of the exhibition featured new sheet inspection systems: these make it possible to reliably detect even those defects which were previously extremely difficult to identify during the production process (e.g. in the case of cardboard for the packaging industry).
Paper manufacturers are able to achieve the best possible results if they combine the sheet inspection systems with the use of IntelliCam systems. By doing this, the entire process chain is monitored and every individual defect and the point where it originated can be reliably identified. No defective material is allowed to reach subsequent manufacturing stages and the process can be optimized both systematically and with the greatest possible efficiency. As an example, customers and other interested parties had the opportunity to see this demonstrated on the so-called “rotating drum” at our exhibition booth. (The photo shows Ms. Friedrich during the presentation of the daily prizes.)

ISRA PARSYTEC also participated actively in the seminar program where current and future topics were addressed and intensively discussed. This was particularly true with regard to Ms. Friedrich’s presentation on the subject of “Significant improvements in the effectiveness of production processes by means of sheet inspection and web break monitoring systems”.
Numerous follow-up inquiries at our exhibition booth relating to this topic made it amply clear just how important the inspection process is for manufacturers of paper, cardboard and cellulose.
The press highlighted the success of our participation at the exhibition. Many technical journalists from all over the world attended the press conference and our exhibition booth to obtain further information about the new products and our complete range of products. We have already recorded numerous related items published in the trade press concerning innovations which we presented at the ZELLCHEMING-Expo.
Next year ISRA PARSYTEC will once again be present with more innovative, pioneering products in Wiesbaden and we are already eagerly anticipating another opportunity to meet all the paper experts at ZELLCHEMING 2012!

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Great Success for ISRA PARSYTEC:
large order for web inspection and web break monitoring

Perfect web inspection and web break monitoring:
big order for largest Board Machine

Once again ISRA PARSYTEC is able to announce a big success: Bohui Paper has ordered an integrated ISRA PARSYTEC solution consisting of a web inspection system (WIS) and a web break monitoring system (WBM) for one of the world’s largest and newest cardboard manufacturing machines.

The Chinese company found the perfect answer to the increasingly demanding requirements placed on the quality of cardboard packaging. In addition, Bohui is able to ensure the maximum possible degree of production efficiency, by analyzing web breaks within the mill and developing strategies to avoid them. ISRA PARSYTEC proves its world market leadership by installing the solution and ready to be used in summer of 2012.
As the world’s web inspection market leader, ISRA PARSYTEC continues to be successful in Asia. ISRA PARSYTEC received a large order from Shandong Bohui Paper Co., Ltd. Bohui, located about an hour south of Beijing by plane in the heart of the commercially progressive province of Shandong, is the home of Shandong Bohui Paper Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1994. The company, one of the largest paper and cardboard manufacturers in China, owns one of the world’s largest machines for the production of coated cardboard (for folded cartons), with a reel width of 8,6 m and machine speed of more than 1.200 mpm which is regarded as the benchmark for the global paper industry. There are currently only three other paper machines of this size in the whole world, all of them installed in China.
The expectations placed on the quality of paper and cardboard are rising significantly - even in the growing Chinese market. Even small deviations or surface defects result in a reduction of value. For cardboard manufacturers, it is essential to detect defects as early as possible, to avoid expensive customer complaints. It is equally important to reduce unplanned machine down times and web breaks need to be analyzed instantly and the cause removed.

Reliable identification of defects which are difficult to detect
even for the expert eye

For these reasons, Bohui Paper placed an order with ISRA PARSYTEC in August 2011, to equip the cardboard manufacturing machinery with a web inspection system (WIS) and an integrated web break monitoring system (WBM). The solutions will be installed and ready for use in the summer of 2012.
The WIS reliably identifies all defects during cardboard production with extremely high resolution. The decisive factors for the high acceptance and the top performance of the systems are their unique real-time capabilities, as well as their robustness and reliability. High speed cameras with extremely high resolution are applied. These capture the images significantly quicker than those of competing systems. The pioneering and robust software algorithms guarantee extremely precise inspection results. The inspection of the coated surfaces by their reflection properties and the monitoring of the lower surface for holes and structural deformities are carried out with a single high-power LED lighting bar. A decisive advantage of this inspection equipment is the reliable, precise detection of all surface defects. In this way, it is possible to ensure that only fault-free cardboard is released into the printing process.
The web inspection systems measure, analyze and classify all defects automatically. The defects are identified, classified and recorded, then documented in defect statistics, audit records and images of identified defects saved.

WIS and WBM as an integrated solution
The Bohui machinery gains even more benefits from the integration of the inspection system (WIS) with the web break monitoring system (WBM). The IntelliCam-Cameras producing crystal clear images are installed at 24 important process positions in the paper machine – starting at the materials exit point and continuing through to the final rolling machine. This implies that Bohui can systematically monitor the individual production steps. Defects can be analyzed effectively and causes for defects quickly and reliably determined, corrected and also documented. It also facilitates their precise analysis and the conclusions about the development of defects within the equipment. The entire process chain can be monitored and all causes of defects identified with certainty.

A wide range of valuable tools for process analysis and optimization complement the inspection system to create a complete data and process management solution, which looks after the optimization activities throughout the entire process chain.

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Increased proximity to the customer in the Chinese market
ISRA increases its know-how in the Far East

The Chinese market is becoming increasingly important for ISRA PARSYTEC. The company is therefore further growing its customer proximity by hiring more sales consultants.

The company supplies its Surface Vision Systems to leading manufacturers on a worldwide basis. In China alone, ISRA PARSYTEC has been able to install more than 30 Web Inspection and Web Break Monitoring Systems in the paper sector. In order to respond to the growing importance of the Chinese market and to support it even more intensively, new sales consultants have been hired in Shanghai. In this way, the ISRA team in China has been expanded and strengthened, and the international sales activities increased. With this expertise, it is possible to ensure the best possible on-site customer service. Local support makes it possible to implement projects quickly and to commission individual systems without delay. For ISRA, the permanent expansion of its sales network is an important pillar of its global company strategy. In total, ISRA already employs more than 50 people in China.
Employees of the Customer Service & Support Center (CSSC) support the customer at a local level. It is therefore possible to ensure that systems and equipment are optimally used and that customer service is provided far beyond the successful installation of the equipment. Productivity is systematically increased.
ISRA PARSYTEC assists the manufacturers in China to further their production processes and to reduce production costs significantly. The customers profit from a clear improvement in cost effectiveness and quality and are in this way able to ensure decisive competitive advantages.

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