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Metals Newsletter January 2013


Reaching new levels in surface quality and yield with SURFACE MASTER - the standard for metal inspection
Coil release quick and safe
New advanced modules for reliable support in decision making – on and offline

The new generation of SURFACE MASTER supports you in all quality issues. Advanced modules for defect classification, material grading and quality evaluation can now easily be configured to customer specifications. Everything else is done automatically by SURFACE MASTER. In addition, a unique software module was integrated, allowing for company-wide standardization in quality management. Ambiguities in defect descriptions and labeling are now a thing of the past.

Reliable quality assessment tailored to customer specifications
In the past, the person in charge of quality in the production line had to make decisions in just a few short minutes about whether a coil could be released or blocked. Shown on the monitor were a host of defects, some of which were critical, whereas many others were not. So, in the end the decision was made in many cases based on a confusing amount of data.
The new generation SURFACE MASTER now tackles this need of the customer for more clarity. The easy-to-use configuration editor assists in transferring the customer requirements from the specifications and uses this generated information to run a clearly defined defect classification. This data is converted in SURFACE MASTER using a set of rules developed by ISRA VISION Parsytec and it is then analyzed and categorized in a special ISRA Data Quality Server. As a result, the critical defects are differentiated from the non-critical defects and filtered based on this set of rules. In a final step, the person making the decision is shown only the most essential quality data / defects that he can then use in debating the right decision. Based on this data that is relevant for him, he is now able to make an objective decision as to whether the coil can be released for further use or whether it should be blocked. Reducing in an intelligent way all existing information until data is obtained that is relevant for corporate decisions is a feature second to none on the market.

Consistent defect classification for quality management throughout the entire corporation
International corporations especially are oftentimes faced with the problem that defects are not categorized and designated in a uniform manner. The ability to designate defects correctly and consistently throughout all corporate units is critical for homogeneous quality management. Only with a common understanding about the significance of designating the same defect, is it possible for defects to be correctly assessed by the entire production chain on an international level so that they can then ultimately be resolved. For this purpose, SURFACE MASTER offers an integrated "transformation and transfer module". This module provides the stepping stone for a uniform quality management throughout the entire corporation.

Significant increase in productiveness at all company levels through next generation quality inspection: SURFACE MASTER

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The quality of the entire product always in sight
The new quality management system QMS facilitates online monitoring and reporting

You can make direct access to events in the process if quality parameter are not achieving targets! The new quality management system QMS always flags up exactly when and where defects occur. The documentation is also suitable for company-wide production analysis!

The quality of the entire coil arranged clearly on one screen
The new quality management system QMS allows for online surface quality management and alarming for individual and multiple series production lines –a valuable resource for decision makers to make cost saving quality decisions.
With this online monitoring system, the software links planning, production and the quality management processes. QMS works like a production assistant offering intelligent support when decisions are called for. One advantage is just how concise and clear the data is arranged. The quality of the entire coil, including all of the relevant data, can be viewed on one screen.

QMS online quality monitoring and alerting: all relevant process and quality data at a glance.

QMS offers a clear overview of all quality data. Based on the information supplied by QMS, manufacturers are able to immediately intervene in the production process if the quality parameters exceed their target ranges. In the process, not only does the operator have access to the surface inspection data, but also to all of the production line's available measurement data and process parameters (e.g. surface, thickness, width, strength). The defect tolerances specific for the coil can be defined separately according to each end customer’s specifications. QMS Online knows the exact production status of the coil on the running line as well as the production route up until this point. The information can be used to assess the entire quality history, even for several production lines. If a defect appears on a coil, thanks to QMS Online, it is now possible to localize the defect directly along each of the production processes. This reduces downtime by saving the operator quite a bit of time that he would otherwise use analyzing the cause.

Optimizing complex production processes made easy thanks to clearly arranged QMS reports
Even the most complex production processes can be optimized with the help of clearly arranged QMS reports. The key to this clear reporting structure is the data import that is carried out intelligently through the highly-developed ISRA VISION Parsytec algorithms. To enable the operator to perform an efficient data evaluation, categories are created. Examples include a high coiling temperature, scaling or too many scratches. The information gathered during this intelligent data import is analyzed immediately during the import process. The manufacturer is informed at all times about whether the quality being produced is in fact in accordance with customer specifications. One example for data analysis results: “all hot band coils of the last shift with a high coiling temperature”. This makes it possible to localize defects along the entire production process immediately and localize or eliminate their causes. Based on the results of the analysis, QMS delivers the decision-making support necessary for production planning and optimization directly when it is needed.

QMS for Steel Production

Continuously checking of order and customer specifications reduces the number of customer claims received later
Each step of the way, order and customer specifications are compared during the production process and any deviations are displayed immediately. The system makes it easy to select from and navigate through the data. The operator can create statistics even for large coil / material quantities with ease. With those statistics, for example, the operator has the capability of generating coil reports customized for individual customers specifically. If there are any customer claims in the future, there is now a way to access the entire product and process documentation quickly.

As a result, QMS increases overall cost effectiveness and assures the highest quality output. See it for yourself! Schedule a technical presentation at your facility!

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Better, quicker, more valuable?
Secure your production's future and competitiveness by applying the latest in surface inspection technology

To support its customers in staying ahead of the global competition, ISRA invests nearly 15 million euros in research and development every year. By doing so, the company is able to consistently create new innovative machine vision products and solutions that help clients in various industries to reduce costs, increase quality and improve yield in automated production.

With innovation as a key element of its corporate strategy, ISRA has substantially grown and today employs over 550 staff at 25 locations – two more than last year - worldwide. The strong global presence, allows the company to be near to its clients and provides 24/7 customer service and support for maximum machine operating times, consistent maintenance and latest updates. Its strong international positioning and solid financial situation makes ISRA a stable partner for all of its business partners.

Innovations for the Metals industry include:

  • SURFACE MASTER: Additional modules improve detection performance, consistent filtering as well as data quality and provide a summary of relevant inspection information

For our continuous effort and success in creating innovations, ISRA has been rewarded with multiple awards again this year. Besides the INTERSOLAR Award 2012 for a new in-line Photoluminescence solar cell inspection system, the company was also honored with the Hesse-Champion 2012 Award for latest 3D Robot Vision technology as well as with the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Sustained Excellence Award for enduring growth and high innovative performance.

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TOP-NEWS from China

High customer demand for new inspection tools
for galvanized flat steel
SURFACE MASTER - the standard for metal surface inspection

Customer inquiries from China indicate new production systems are increasingly fitted with SURFACE MASTER confirming the great benefit offered by ISRA VISION Parsytec to their customers.  Manufacturers are currently retrofitting existing lines with the latest SURFACE MASTER technology.

SURFACE MASTER is the internationally recognized inspection system for continuous galvanized flat steel products. New surface inspection tools allow for quality inspection meeting even the highest of demands.


Metal service centers discover the advantages of ISRA VISION Parsytec surface inspection:
Improved quality. Higher process efficiency. Meet customer requirements. Deliver products with documented quality.

The number of customer orders from the US shows increasingly more metal service centers rely on surface inspection as a tools for an expedited product acceptance by the end customer. This trend is driven by up-to-date inspection modules which may flexibly and rapidly be adapted to production orders with varying customer specifications. The result, guaranteed product quality to meet even the highest customer quality demands.