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Paper Newsletter February 2013


Experience a new dimension of detecting micro-streaks
Value creation for coated paper production – online print quality improvement:

Perfect coating coverage of the base paper or board allows for excellent printability. It is a significant quality criteria and it determines later-on the possible selling margin. Any machine fault during the coating process as well as defects on or within the surface will cause losses. Critical items within this mix have been up to now not recognizable smallest streaks - the so called micro streaks. This belongs to history from now on. Latest optical inspection capabilities and innovations allow for the detection of micro-scale surface streaking to enhance the coating blade performance of coated graphic paperboard machines and others. The advantage: increase in yield going along with high value selling arguments.

For high end lacquered and offset printed products increasing demand is emerging to inspect micro-scale, < 100 microns, streaking (micro-streaks) of coating blades and surface roughness. Hard to detect by plain eye, dark ink and lacquering brings micron scale surface streaks highly visible, causing quality rejects. For paper board suppliers, it is essential to identify these defects online as soon as possible to eliminate root causes of quality issues and prevent the delivery of scrap, thereby ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction.

Three-dimensional knowledge from the board defect location

Multi-beam inspection solution provides accurate information from defects' z-location. Once detected, sophisticated classification technology assigns defects to each layer: coated, top, middle and reverseply – allowing production staff to concentrate optimally efforts for example on solving contamination issues on correct short circulation. Imaging for each layer has been optimized to match their critical defect detection requirements: ultra-fast cameras provide excellent pixel size for indent, contamination, wrinkle and hole detection while streak detection cameras offer excellent cross-direction pixel size – 0.05 mm becoming standard for example in Liquid Packaging Board industry.

Runnability defect root-cause analysis as effective decision making tool – 24/7

Eliminating waste is perfected by combining world class defect detection with WBM cameras inside the machine. For any critical defect with potential causing breaks at the machine or further down the converting line, the system provides a visual video story of the defect origin.This helps to solve unexpected process issues and production bottlenecks on-line, on time, and just before the issues develop to multitude of sheet breaks.

Promising results and conclusion

In the past months several coating surface inspection applications for detecting and trending micro-scale streaks were installed using accuracy of 50 microns ( 1/500”) throughout the entire sheet width. The results demonstrate the streaking tendency correlating with the life-cycle of the coating blade, increasing rapidly within the increased blade wear allowing on-time change of the blade.

The latest inspection systems offer paperboard suppliers product quality and process quality improvements resulting in higher customer satisfaction and reduced scrap. This way they will be able to meet the latest quality demands with certainty and increased production.

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Tissue World Asia 2012:
The attraction – Integrated inspection solutions

As Asia's largest international trade show for the tissue sector the Tissue World Asia came to a close, ISRA VISION realized a successful show. The exhibition attracted over 3100 visitors and 131 exhibitors from China domestic and overseas, looking for latest news, trends and developments in the tissue and paper related business. The company met with a great number of industrial experts. Information about the complete product portfolio for automated optical tissue and paper inspection was in high demand with special focus on the new integrated inspection solutions.

ISRA VISION showed off innovative optical inspection solutions for the paper and tissue industry. Tissue and converting lines are challenging environments for optical sensors, especially with respect to dirt, water, heat and the limited integration space. Despite these conditions, the need is still there to monitor production - checking for both quality and machine issues. This is now possible, with the available technology: All-in-One integrated web inspection solution: Inspection System (WIS) and Web Break Monitoring (WBM). Each option can be used as a stand-alone product but used in combination tissue manufacturers are able to achieve the best possible processing results.

By doing this, products can be converted with much higher throughput, the entire process chain is monitored and every individual defect and the point where it originated can be reliably identified. Hence, the integrated solution significantly improves and benchmarks a mill’s performance by reducing scrap and in return achieving higher profits.

The Web Inspection System provides an all covering process and production monitoring, process control, process analysis and process optimization. Additionally the web break monitoring can increase converting efficiency by reducing sheet breaks. These intelligent systems (IntelliCam) for the fast identification of critical events such as web breaks are already successfully being used in leading manufacturers facilities around the world, who are now able to provide systematic evidence on the defects’ causes and able to optimize their production processes accordingly. Using the integrated inspection solution approach tissue manufacturers are now able to understand how each individual process detail correlates to product quality and machine stability. Immediate feedback on process adjustments enables operators to fine tune machine set-up and recipes resulting in higher quality and higher output, while operation costs could be reduced.

As just one example, one of the world’s leading tissue manufacturers, which produces approximately 90,000 tons of tissue annually on one of its tissue machines, is realizing a more than 5% higher performance by using such an integrated solution.

This of course was well noticed by the highly qualified professionals visiting the ISRA booth. The excellent feedback from customers, among them leading local and global market players, will give a positivemomentum to ISRA and will further motivate the entire team to continuously work on new innovative solutions to provide unique products and services to a wide range of customers worldwide and Asia and of course China.

“China is one of the world's largest tissue consuming regions and tissue consumption is now times higher than it was 10 or 20 years' ago. By the improvement of people's living standard, they will use higher quality tissue products. This requirement needs the tissue production companies improving their process to produce higher quality tissue products. ISRA VISION can help tissue companies improve their systems to enter new market with the highest quality” said Lily Zhou, President of ISRA VISION China. In 2014 ISRA VISION will surely once again be present with more innovative, pioneering products in Shanghai and we are already eagerly anticipating another opportunity to meet all the tissue experts at Tissue World Asia!

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Better, quicker, more valuable?
ISRA provides additional customer benefits through innovations and proves technological leadership

To support its customers in staying ahead of the global competition, ISRA invests nearly 15 million euros in research and development every year. By doing so, the company is able to consistently create new innovative machine vision products and solutions that help clients in various industries to reduce costs, increase quality and improve yield in automated production.

With innovation as a key element of its corporate strategy, ISRA has substantially grown and today employs over 550 staff at 25 locations – two more than last year - worldwide. The strong global presence, allows the company to be near to its clients and provides 24/7 customer service and support for maximum machine operating times, consistent maintenance and latest updates. Its strong international positioning and solid financial situation makes ISRA a stable partner for all of its business partners.

Innovations for the Paper industry include:

  • Design, construction and realization of web inspection system for the world’s largest cardboard manufacturing machines
  • Coated paper board inspection including reliable streaking detection (micro-streaks)
  • High intensity new multi-mode LED technology to support defect detection even in middle layers
  • Advanced, very fast web break monitoring in HD (high definition)

For our continuous effort and success in creating innovations, ISRA has been rewarded with multiple awards again this year. Besides the INTERSOLAR Award 2012 for a new Photoluminescence solar cell inspection system, the company was also honored with the Hesse-Champion 2012 Award for latest 3D Robot Vision technology as well as with the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Sustained Excellence Award for enduring growth and high innovative performance.

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Tissue World
18.-21. March 2013
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