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ISRA VISION ACADEMY coaching combines traditional training techniques with individual coaching and specific system consultancy. Based on the specific status of the project, a tailor-made package is defined that can include:

  • Original ISRA VISION ACADEMY lectures
  • Individual coaching sessions for system users
  • System evaluation
  • System optimization


The coaching approach is directed towards experienced users with a sound background e.g. from base and/or advanced training courses.


Our coaching typically takes place on site so that all your team members can be involved if necessary. The coaching is executed by an experienced senior expert from ISRA VISION or from a certified ISRA VISION partner. This will guarantee that no question is left unanswered and that you get the optimum out of this education.


It's in the nature of coaching that there is no fixed curriculum and duration. Coaching is always custom-tailored according to your special background, experience, requirements and targets.


If you are interested in a special coaching proposal for you or your team, please contact your local ISRA VISION ACADEMY or use our inquiry form:

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