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Paper Newsletter October 2013


Innovation for high quality production with a short return on investment
Leading companies already save millions of Euros each year with PAPER MASTER

According to a famous saying, “paper does not blush” – but members of the paper industry do whenever they experience quality defects or even web breaks. After all, these incidents can quickly bring entire production lines to a screeching halt while every forced production stoppage costs money. This is where PAPER MASTER, the latest high-end surface vision technology by ISRA VISION comes in.

With its Web Inspection System (WIS) and Web Break Monitoring System (WBM) features, PAPER MASTER is designed to reliably detect any imperfection on your web – from a simple quality deterioration to a possible web break. Perfectly accurate inspection results enable machine operators to quickly take corrective actions and keep all processes running smoothly. In other words: PAPER MASTER is made to save you money. For standard paper machines, PAPER MASTER is able to avoid up to 70% of web breaks which would translate into a yearly cost saving of millions of Euros.

PAPER MASTER can be run as a Web Inspection System as well as for Web Break Monitoring. By using both components as an integrated system, defects can be tracked even faster by one click of the mouse. The ISRA-developed IntelliCam serves as the backbone of the technology. The High Definition Camera is able to inspect the paper web with an accuracy four times better than regular cameras. It works flawlessly at any desired spot within the facility and is compatible with every sort of paper surface, making it a tailor-made solution for all branches of the paper industry.

Statistics compiled in tissue manufacturing make a great example to outline the benefits of PAPER MASTER: One single web break locking the tissue production for only five minutes each day can cost manufacturers six-figure sums. PAPER MASTER can make the difference here. Along with a 100% reliable quality control, this is an essential factor in companies’ efforts to stay competitive – especially in important, hard fought-over markets such as cardboard.

PAPER MASTER’s major benefits and cost saving opportunities have already resonated well with the paper industry, prompting major companies to file orders for the system. Mondi Group has ordered multiple systems, used primarily for the detection of coating defects. Chinese-based Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd have ordered specifically to improve their performance in the coated paperboard production, while another large company from Europe will use PAPER MASTER to sort out coating streaks.

The decision to integrate PAPER MASTER into the production is ultimately the decision to save cash money. For most customers, the investment already pays off within the span of a few months.

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Outstanding camera technology with mega high resolution- setting new standards for web break analysis
IntelliCam – ISRA’s solution against web breaks
“Because you’ve got better things to do than to worry about web breaks!”

Web breaks are every paper producer’s worst nightmare, causing an entire production line to stop resulting in financial losses every minute until the issue is fixed. ISRA VISION is here to help with the IntelliCam to keep a closer eye on possible web breaks.

As part of the PAPER MASTER system, the unique all-in-one high-definition camera concept was specifically made to alert machine operators of impending web breaks, giving them a chance to react on the spot and prevent a worst case scenario from happening. Customers can rely on the functionality of the IntelliCam and safely take their minds off web breaks. After all, IntelliCam operates with a resolution 600% higher than regular cameras, ensuring crystal-clear images of even the tiniest imperfections at production speeds of more than 2,000 meters per minute.

PAPER MASTER and IntelliCam are the perfect match. The camera’s unique architecture is a direct commitment to the needs and requirements of the paper producing industry, where space is limited and conditions are often challenging for high-technology instruments. The compact IntelliCam is protected by an armor of ruggedized stainless steel, making it resistant against high temperature. In order to record quality images in dark and dusty areas at high production speeds, it features a built-in flashable LED illumination and the ability to brush itself clean when necessary. These qualities guarantee data to be delivered fast and reliably from virtually any spot along the production line. Should there be any hints of a looming web break, the IntelliCam will recognize and quickly identify what is causing them.

The sophisticated and powerful IntelliCam puts operators into a valuable position - knowing exactly where and why sheet breaks are about to occur and having ample time to take corrective actions. This real-time information is able to reduce web breaks typically by 50%, increasing machine uptime leading to better process efficiency in a shorter period of time. It can be installed at new or already existing production lines.

Don’t lose sleep over the thought of web breaks that could happen in your production lines. IntelliCam has got them covered while you are free to invest your time in other things.

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Breaking the limits of advanced quality inspection
100% inspection of high-quality thermal paper

Of all the different kinds of paper made in production plants worldwide, thermal paper has proved to be the most challenging for surface inspection systems. Its unique coating makes it very difficult to spot quality defects on the web. For PAPER MASTER by ISRA VISION, this is not nearly a difficult enough task.

Thanks to an extremely high resolution of 640 megapixels per second while measuring down to 200 micrometers at high production speeds, the system manages to provide a thoroughly reliable quality inspection method for thermal paper. PAPER MASTER is ISRA’s innovative answer to the industry’s long-standing demands concerning the inspection of thermal paper.

The purposes thermal paper is used for, make it necessary for producers to ship out perfect quality. The material needs to be flawless in order to rule out later printing errors, particularly on receipts and invoices. When occurring in the package inserts of medical products, the slightest misprints could have fatal consequences – especially in Asian lettering, where one single missing dash can give a whole different meaning to a sentence.

PAPER MASTER is sure to provide 100% quality control for thermal paper, enabling customers to sell only high-quality shipments and significantly decrease complaint rates. Since the system can combine Web Inspection System (WIS) features with Web Break Monitoring System (WBM) functionalities, PAPER MASTER also serves as a catalyst for making productions more efficient. With a growing demand for thermal paper around the world, manufacturers can increase competitiveness in the market and boost profits.

The ability to attain highest quality standards makes PAPER MASTER the innovative universal solution for thermal paper and any other kind: cardboard, tissue, décor paper, liquid board packaging – you name it. The sensor configuration can be adjusted to exactly meet individual requirements and create maximum benefits for diverse companies.

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