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Metals Newsletter November 2013


Optimum performance for correct production decisions allows for rapid
return on investment

SURFACE MASTER Quality Control: Amortization after a few months only is possible

Metal producers have to ensure that delivered goods are of best quality. Surface properties are a key quality feature on which customers place great importance. In order to survive on the market, perfect end products are a must. Introducing SURFACE MASTER, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC provides for a strong solution: The high-performance inspection system ensures defect-free metal surfaces along the entire production chain. Combined with the optional quality management module QMS, the overall production facility may be optimized efficiently so that the investment in SURFACE MASTER pays back within a very short time - ideally starting after the first month.

Featuring an excellent image processing performance and unique multi-stage defect classification, SURFACE MASTER offers metal producers completely new ways to achieve better quality and higher productivity. The latest camera technology ensures perfect coverage of the surface and razor-sharp defect images. The hierarchically structured classification technology categorizes recorded material defects with utmost reliability. This allows for the complete control of surface properties, improved product quality and and generally more efficient production processes with significantly less scrap material.

Is it a widespread phenomenon not only between customers and processing enterprises, but also within a works alliance, that different designations are used for the very same defect type. It is, however, a key prerequisite for efficient quality management that customers and partners speak the same language. The system-integrated translation module of SURFACE MASTER allows for establishing a consistent naming of defects and their severity levels. This creates the basis for process optimization so that expensive misunderstandings are history.

SURFACE MASTER is highly efficient. It is rapidly ready for operation and may deliver maximum performance within a very short time. From the beginning, already, the system activates savings potentials and hence pays for itself most rapidly. Return on investment may be reached after one month only. As regards technical equipment, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC relies on high-quality standard components in favor of short installation times and easy maintainability. In the background, the global service network also offers optimum support at any time. This minimizes downtimes and allows for a minimum system availability of 99.8%.

In over 500 installations worldwide, SURFACE MASTER and its predecessor models will be of reliable service to producers of steel, aluminum or copper. Experience and findings gained in close dialog with customers in practice are applied in development by ISRA VISION PARSYTEC in order to continously improve the system.

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Data Quality Server for SURFACE MASTER filters measuring values according to relevance and bundles results
Making correct production decisions and saving hundreds of thousands of euros on basis of high data quality

Detecting and classifying surface defects in metal production is the general task of surface inspection systems. On basis of reliable inspection results, users may take correct decisions with positive effects on product quality. SURFACE MASTER, the innovative system by ISRA VISION PARSYTEC, extends the definition of inspection performance by another level: Excellent data quality helps to take correct production decisions rapidly and hence achieve higher savings.

The introduction of a quality class for surface data is unique on the market. The new, innovative approach of processing recorded data allows users to take safe quality decisions.

Not every defect is significant for every decision. Only few actually have an impact on product and process quality. For this reason, the ISRA VISION PARSYTEC Data Quality Server summarizes the vast volume of recorded defect data in a small amount of valuable information. The intelligent, automatic selection of quality data supports metal producers in evaluating their basic material and optimizing their production process.

In order to safely classify the quality of a steel coil for sale, for instance, around 100 relevant defects have to be processed. For optimizing upstream and downstream processes, only little defects are usually relevant.

The possibility of filtering defect data with regard to their relevance for different quality decisions results in an unprecedented data quality allowing for 100% correct quality decisions and achieving higher profits.

The inspection performance on basis of optimum detection and classification results plus a user-relevant high data quality as newly defined by ISRA VISION PARSYTEC are worth cash money for companies. Depending on the scope of system utilization, an optimized process chain, improved quality classification of the end product and the overall optimization of production may save six-digit euro amounts every year.

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Active participation in important international trade shows by keynote speeches
ISRA VISION PARSYTEC sets a course at leading trade shows in Russia and the US

As a global company, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC is in regular attendance at industry events worldwide. During concurrent conferences, the company presents topics of emphasis with highly anticipated keynote speeches . One such speech was presented at ISIS.USA in Chicago in late October. In November, ISRA VISION PARSYTEC will also be present at Metal-Expo in Moscow.

As a part of "Moscow Metal Week", the largest metallurgical forum in Russia and the CIS countries, the industrial trade show Metal-Expo will open its doors from November 12th- 15th. At the conference under the patronage of the Russian ministry for industry and commerce, ISRA will present issues concerning non-iron metals processing. ISRA VISION RUSSIA will present the topic of "New Paradigm of Surface Inspection".

The International Surface Inspection Summit (ISIS) is a leading surface inspection conference which took place in the US October 22nd and 23rd. It focused on the challenges and solutions for inspecting metal materials. ISRA VISION PARSYTEC exhibited at the trade show as a platinum sponsor and contributed topically as Hans Jürgen Christ, CEO of ISRA VISION PARSYTEC AG and Vice-Chairman of ISRA Group, personally gave a lecture on "Data Quality for Quality Data". The feedback from the audience, including ISRA premium customers, was significant and throughout positive. ISRA is expected to remain a topic of conversation, the subsequent contribution of a reputable customer addressed the inspection solutions of ISRA VISION PARSYTEC.

ISRA is looking forward to presenting their innovative technology portfolio to trade visitors from all over the world and sharing our technology with others.

The forthcoming ISRA VISION PARSYTEC trade show dates at a glance:

Metal-Expo (November 12th - 15th, Moscow)

Stainless Steel World (November 12th - 14th, Maastricht)

STAHL 2013 (November 28th, Duesseldorf)

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Wide social commitment includes SOS Kindergarten sponsorship in Cambodia
ISRA VISION opens up great future prospects for children

As a worldwide successful company, ISRA VISION has social responsibility. This results in the desire to give back some of the success: Social commitment is an important issue of concern to ISRA and anchored in the center of the company principles. Just as the global company orientation, the charity commitment, too, extends to the most different projects all over the world.

As an example, ISRA has taken over the sponsorship of the SOS Kindergarten in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh last year. The long-term sponsorship ensures that children there will be able to grow up as normal as possible:

They receive early pedagogical encouragement, regular meals as well as protection and safety. At present, 120 parentless girls and boys attend the facility. ISRA contributes to covering the maintenance costs and giving the children of a crisis-ridden country a good start into life - or as is expressed by the donor plate on the building: "With our long-term contribution we are happy to help the 'smallest' in becoming 'great'.'

The projects supported by ISRA also include numerous regional facilities. The group of sponsoring partners is continuously growing. But not only ISRA as a company, but also their employees set a good example: Recently, a team of ISRA's Herten site ranked 2nd in a dragonboat race - and decided to donate the prize money to people in need in German flood areas.





November 12th - 15th, 2013
Moscow, Russia

Stainless Steel Conference
November 12th - 14th, 2013
Maastricht, The Netherlands

STAHL 2013
November 28th, 2013
Duesseldorf, Germany